How Much Routine Car Maintenance And Repair Costs

car service costsHere you can find how much does car services and repair cost on average.

We collect prices from some of the leading auto center chains and in some cases from quality local repair shops.

Use these only as approximate prices, and for current prices call your car service centers before heading there.

Service Service Service
Transmission Fluid Change Ignition Switch Replacement Heater Core Replacement
Head Gasket Repair Fuel Filter Replacement Front Wheel Bearing Replacement
Freon Replacement EVAP System Repair Drum Brake Replacement
Coolant Leak Repair Control Arm Replacement CV Joint Replacement
Clutch Replacement AC Condenser Replacement AC Compressor Replacement
AC Recharge Alternator Replacement Axle Repair
Ball Joint Replacement Car Water Pump Replacement Side Mirror Replacement
Thermostat Replacement Remote Starter Installation Rear Differential Replacement
Rack and Pinion Replacement Power Steering Pump Replacement Oil Pan Gasket Replacement
Muffler Replacement Motor Mount Replacement Lower Ball Joint Replacement
Transmission Rebuild Transmission Cooler Lines Replacement Tire Rotation
Tire Balancing Timing Chain Replacement Timing Belt Replacement
Tie Rod Replacement ABS Control Module Replacement Strut Replacement
Steering Rack Replacement Spark Plugs Radiator Replacement
Radiator Flush Car Window Replacement Brake Booster Replacement
O2 Sensor Replacement Fuel Pump Replacement Exhaust Leak Repair
Drive Belt Replacement Coolant Flush Catalytic Converter Replacement
Car Starter Repair Bumper Replacement Brake Line Repair
Brake Fluid Flush Car Tune Up