Purge Valve Replacement Cost

The purge valve is an emission control device that traps the fuel vapors produced in the fuel tank. By trapping the fuel vapors in the charcoal canister, the purge valve prevents emissions of the toxic vapors into the atmosphere.

In a way, it saves our environment from harm. In older cars, the purge valve used to be controlled mechanically with the aid of a vacuum. In modern cars, it’s controlled electronically. Just so that you know, the engine control unit controls the canister purge valve in the cars of today.

How Much Does a Purge Valve Replacement Cost?

The charge you would pay for a purge valve replacement would vary from one shop to another. It also varies based on the car you own. Generally, the expense for an automobile repair of this nature sits between $125 to $350.

Auto CenterPrice
Your Mechanic
Mr. Tire$135-$340

To avoid the expense, can you drive with a faulty valve?

Although you can, you should watch out for black fumes coming from the car’s hood. It usually means that your vehicle is on the verge of getting into deep trouble.

In scenarios where the damage has already occurred, you might have to spend twice or more on repairs. It’s hard to say when a failing purge valve can lead to additional expenses. Therefore, it’s advisable to replace the valve at the earliest.

How Does a Purge Valve Replacement Procedure Work?

The purge valve could be located at a number of different places, depending on the car you own. In some cars, the mechanic may have to move a lot of car components out of the way to access the purge valve. As such, it’s a tricky affair to locate the purge valve.

The mechanic will have to look at the car manual to find its exact location before trying to navigate his way to the valve on his own. It could be near the engine’s compartment or even the manifold. Once the mechanic gains access to the purge valve, any hoses attached to it will be removed to take off the purge valve from its mount.

Then the new purge valve will be fitted, and the disconnected hoses will be reattached. All the components moved out of the place will be put back in their respective place. Once everything is done, the car will be inspected to see how the work has turned out. If everything checks out as expected, your car keys will be handed over to you.

How To Save Money On Purge Valve Replacement?

If you know how to diagnose the issue, you might have the required mechanical skills to perform the job on your own. In such a scenario, you will be able to save all the labor fees. If you are not confident enough to perform the work, try to save money by sourcing the part.

As such, it’s not a highly expensive repair job. So, you won’t lose out on a lot of money by hiring a mechanic. When choosing a mechanic, make sure to shortlist someone whom you can fully trust to avoid further repairs arising out of a bad job.

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