Save Up To 55% With Oil Change Coupons

Keep your vehicle’s engine in great condition and save money too with an oil change coupon featuring the top brands in the business such as Firestone, Sears, Goodyear, Valvoline, Walmart, Jiffy Lube! We’ve got oil change discounts for your favorite locations near your home or work, so getting an oil change discount is fast and hassle-free. Compare oil change prices and get the best available with either conventional or synthetic oil change price discount coupons, and maintain your car or truck in the best possible condition.

Benefits Of Using Coupons For Oil Change

All types of vehicles have their own oil change schedules. Why oil change is so an important part of vehicle maintenance? In order for your vehicle’s engine to be checked and refreshed, an oil change is needed to be performed. An oil change helps in cleaning up the engine of your vehicle from the debris and other harmful elements that it has accumulated from the oil and fuels that it is being filled in with. It is important that a vehicle owner knows the exact schedule of their vehicle’s oil change. This way, your engine will not be clogged up with the elements coming from the oil and fuels.

If your vehicle does not go through regular oil changes and maintenance, there is a big tendency that your engine will break down and will not work again. This means that the owner of the vehicle will be spending more money on the repairs or even purchasing a new vehicle as a replacement. Oil changes and maintenance can add longevity to your vehicle and make it more usable for a longer period of time.

Most vehicle owners, surely know how they can save money on the oil change and tune-up of their vehicles. Some people would look for coupons for oil changes so that they can save money on these types of maintenance methods for their vehicles. These coupons for oil changes are sometimes given out by auto and auto services companies to their loyal customers. Some companies give these out as part of their promotion to attract more customers to avail of their services.

How Oil Change Coupons Can Save Your Money

Oil Change Coupons
Oil Change

Using oil change deals is a good way to help save money on regular vehicle maintenance. But it can be difficult to sort through all the different offers and discounts out there. This site has a handy list of coupons for oil change offered by many of the most popular shops all in one place. Just take a look at the offers below to find one that’s best for you.

All cars need their oil changed regularly to run smoothly and efficiently.  Soot, metal particles, gas, and other impurities build up in the engine oil.  The more you drive, the dirtier the oil gets. At a certain point, the oil filter can no longer remove the particles.  The resulting buildup of sludge can reduce performance and even shorten a car engine’s life.

How often you have to change the oil depends on how much the car is used.  The basic rule of thumb is every 3000 miles.  But, it’s always best to check the manufacturer’s recommendation for your particular make and model of car.

When the time comes to change the oil then why pay full price if you don’t have to?  All you have to do is browse through the coupons on this site and find the best one for you.

New discounts are offered regularly so it’s a good idea to come back and check often to take advantage of the best deals.  Many coupons have expiry dates so make sure that you use them before then.  If you print a coupon and forget to go before the expiry date, don’t worry!  Just come back and get a new one.

What Oil Change Discounts Includes

Oil Change
What Oil Change Includes

Coupons for oil changes may include free oil changes services or discounts on this type of maintenance service. Many auto companies give this out. So, if you are a loyal customer of a particular auto service company, be sure to ask if they have coupons for oil changes promo going on at the moment. This way, you can save a big amount on this auto service.

Aside from discounts or oil change services, your coupons for oil changes can also include other auto services to even attract people to take advantage of the offer. Some coupons for oil changes include engine check-up, free car wash, freebies, and other promotions. A vehicle owner can definitely grab a lot of these coupons for oil changes from the different auto companies around. One just needs to be sure of what they can avail when they use their coupons for oil changes. You should also be sure that the company’s method of an oil change is applicable to your vehicle to avoid further problems.

What coupons for an oil change can you find on our website?

Here you will find coupons and discounts from all the leading auto service chains

A-Team Tire & AutoEvans TireThe Oil Changers
Auto TireExpress OilPit Stop Oil And Lube
Advance Auto PartsEconomy LubeQuaker State
Auto SelectFuller’s Service CenterQuick Lane
Bob Sumerel TireHill Country HondaRamona Tire
Brake MastersKwik Kar Auto ServicesRebel Auto Shop
Brake MaxLamb’s Tire and AutomotiveShell Rapid Lube
Chevron Fast LubeLaura Buick GMCTire Kingdom
CTM Auto Repair ClinicMonro MufflerTire Works
Costa OilMountain View TireTread Quarters
DeLuca ToyotaMr. LubeUncle Ed’s Oil
Diehl Auto Repair ServicesMurfrees Boro NissanWilhelm Auto Repair
The Duke of OilNalley HondaXpert Auto Service
Pep BoysNTBPennzoil
Take 5 Oil ChangeSpeedee OilTires Plus
MidasMeinekeYoung Chevrolet
Elk River Tire And AutoNew AutohausCastrol

How Much Money I Can Save With An Oil Change Coupon

Generally, using oil change discount coupons is one of the many ways through which we can save up some money. Therefore, it is only wise that we look for the best there is in the industry. Here is an example of one of the leading oil change retailers that offer coupons.

This is the Jiffy lube company. With their oil change deals, one can save up to 5% of the total amount and still get a quality oil change, as well as other discount services on top. Jiffy Lube oil change prices are among the lowest on the market.

These include services such as vacuuming the interior floors, asserting that the tire pressure is perfect, cleaning all the windows plus checking that some of the car fluids are at the perfect level including differential fluid, battery water, and transaxle fluid. Another one is the Valvoline oil change company. Of course, Walmart’s oil change discounts are more valuable due to the popularity of the brand and very affordable Walmart oil change prices but do not forget about the equally good Valvoline oil change prices.

In this case, the amount you save depends on the type of oil you decide to use. It varies from 4% to 10%. In conclusion, coupons for a motor oil change are one of the best-saving means for drivers. If you still have not tried it then it is about time you did.

Limitations Of Coupons For Oil Change?

However, oil change discount offers still have their own limitations. To start with, not all oil retailers offer these coupons. Only renowned companies or retailers do so. Therefore, one is normally forced to look for one that offers the coupons. On the other hand, the oil change pricing varies from retailer to retailer regardless of the coupon. The best way to save will be to learn the basics of how to change the oil.

This is because of the type of oil you would like to be used in your car. What happens is that the different retailers take this opportunity to market their own products.

This means that the pricing of the whole coupon goes even lower if only you agree to use their brand of oil. If not, then the price will still go lower but not as much as it would have, you agreed to use their oil brands. Finding coupons for an oil change will help you save countless dollars every time you need to go get an oil change.

Reasons To Use Discounts For An Oil Change

Your car or truck needs to have its oil changed regularly to protect it from unnecessary engine wear. When the oil is changed per the manufacturer’s recommendations, the engine will run efficiently and reliably for much longer than when having the oil changed is neglected. This small investment in automobile maintenance, with a reduced cost by using an oil change coupon, can prevent major engine failure that costs thousands of dollars to repair. When your vehicle is running properly, you won’t get stranded or have to call a towing service to tow it to a car repair location. If you decide to sell your car or truck, you’ll get a better price for it when you can show buyers that it has been properly maintained through the years.

Use these oil change discount and rebate coupons to save money now and get more years or a better sale price from your vehicle!

Help Others Save Too With Oil Change Coupons

oil change coupon
Oil Change Coupon

Why not share the savings? Print several car maintenance coupons, and hand them out to your friends, family, employees, and neighbors. They are great for students too who love ways to save money. These coupons for oil change cost you nothing, but they lead to excellent discounts and rebates for others. Oil change coupons are a cheap and fun way to let others know you’re thinking of them. Be sure to let them know about this site for more car maintenance and repair savings in the future.

Getting a discount on oil, lube, and filter is just the start. You’ll find maintenance and repair discounts for deals on all your vehicle’s needs. Browse the comprehensive list, print the coupons today, and have your car maintained and repaired. It will run more reliably, hold its resale value better, and prevent the need for making very expensive repairs in the years ahead.

Get your car or truck’s oil changed today using conventional or synthetic motor oil, and it will reward you by running economically and efficiently. When you see the great discounts for oil changes, you’ll be ready to put other discount and rebate coupons to work to keep your vehicle in a safe, dependable operating condition.

When Is It Time To Change Engine Oil?

No matter which kind or type of oil you are using in your vehicle – any sort of motor oil loses its greatest abilities following a particular period of use. When that happens, you will need to replace it to maintain your car engine in functioning condition. And consequently here lies the fundamental question – how frequently must you do that? It is actually worth remembering, that recurrent oil and filter replacement are the factors in one engine’s lifetime.

Almost all of the engine oils are made in accordance with the auto manufacturer’s needs, so the timeframe of every change is determined by their guidelines. All the same, you ought to know that factory advice only consider a handful of standard factors that are normally averaged out. This type of norm encompasses car or truck mileage, which happens to be often 5-7k in between every oil replacement. It is very important to consider your manner of driving a vehicle and environmental conditions. Here you can read all information for a motorcycle oil change. The bigger the engine workload, or in case the temperature is extreme, you will need to change oil with greater frequency.

Oil Change Interval – Advice From Experienced Mechanics

You have probably heard the advice to change the oil in your vehicle every 3000 miles. But that may not be true as experts say that the critical mileage for an oil change isn’t exactly the same for every vehicle. One thing to focus on is the owner’s manual. It will tell you when to change the oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. There’s no harm in changing the oil every 3000 miles. The old oil is reconditioned and reused or recycled. But you’ll probably end up paying more for oil changes than is absolutely necessary.

There was a time when motor oil wasn’t as good as it is today and it was necessary to have it changed every 3000 miles. Nowadays, it is best to refer to the vehicle owner’s manual. Additionally, some vehicles now have monitors, and a dashboard warning, that indicate when it’s time to have the oil changed. And some of those oil change intervals are up to 12000 miles. That can make a big difference, especially if you were paying for oil changes every 3000 miles up until then.

Other Oil Change Frequency Factors

There are other factors to consider also – will be the oil regular or synthetic, how many times will you start your motor in winter, how old is the engine, quality of gasoline. But, even though you change your oil frequently, your car engine sooner or later will need to be serviced and some parts of it will have to be swapped out. Although if you go with good quality oil, the motor servicing can hold out for quite a while. One more quick tip – continually examine the amount of your engine oil using the gauge underneath the hood. In the event the level is lower than “min”, it’s not at all encouraged to drive that car or truck and you should certainly take it to the nearby auto automotive service without delay.

Oil change cost itself depends on a variety of aspects. Normally include the kind of oil which you are required (synthetic is typically higher in price), the quality of oil (main companies are more pricey), should you do it at a neighborhood shop or at the nation-wide company location.

How Can I Decide What Oil Is Best For My Vehicle?

When we go to get the oil changed, many of us are faced with a big mix of different motor oils and we are asked which one to choose. One thing to notice is that on the back of every can of motor oil there is a rating. Since 2010 a new category “SN” has been introduced. The new standard for motor oil is designed to give better protection for pistons from high-temperature deposits, improved control of sludge, as well as seal compatibility. This rating is a new standard set by the American Petroleum Institute (API) that shows that it is the latest motor oil.

That is the grade of motor oil that the manufacturer wants you to use in your car. It’s important to use the latest motor oil for your engine because some of the technology in the engine and some of the moving parts require a specific motor oil.

So you have to be very careful to ensure that you are getting the right motor oil for your engine. To find out what is the proper grade for your vehicle, check what is written in the owner’s manual, it should tell you. A specific example is General Motors. GM has a new motor oil that follows the new SN rating called Dexos 1. You must use that type of motor oil while under the GM warranty or you could lose the warranty coverage.

How To Get A Cheap Oil Change

Getting a cheap oil change can involve more than just searching for oil change coupons. Looking for the cheapest oil change around by finding the lowest advertised price might not even be your best bet either.

A friend of mine once had a cheap oil change done at a place advertising low prices above all and was surprised to find that they’d forgotten to tighten the oil plug after the oil change. So not only did he end up with a mess of oil on his driveway the next morning but he was fortunate that he wasn’t driving at the time otherwise he might have had an expensive engine repair to go with it.

Of course, this sort of mistake could happen at any oil change facility but the point is that you don’t want to scrimp on quality and service just to save a few bucks especially when the problems that can arise might cost you significantly more.

Saving money on each oil change doesn’t necessarily mean just considering the cost of each oil change that you’re getting done. Understanding a few other things about oil changes is your best bet to saving money and time (which is also money!) in the long run…

cheap oil change

Here’s what I mean:

  1. Learn about the ideal oil change frequency of your vehicle. Most people still think an oil change has to happen every 3,000 miles or about every 5,000 km or 3 months, whichever comes first. These days, vehicles can go double that without an oil change in some cases. Check your owner’s manual to see the recommended oil change frequency as use that as your schedule. Forget what the little sticker installed by your oil change center at the top left of your windshield says. They’d be happy if you changed your oil every week since you pay them for each visit. Save money and time and learn about the oil change schedule that your vehicle needs, not what your oil change center tells you.
  2. Avoid your car dealer. Car dealerships tend to make most of their money from service. No wonder too when their oil changes seem to cost double what the oil change centers charge. Double-check to be safe but you aren’t going to void your vehicle’s warranty by not getting an oil change done at your dealer. Not only are the dealers more expensive in my experience they’re also a lot slower too. This brings us to point #3…
  3. Consider your time. Your time costs money too. In my experience, the car dealers are among the slowest for service. Perhaps it’s because they also sell cars and most of their customers are ones who bought their vehicles there and as a result, they tend to do a wide range of often expensive (i.e. lucrative) repairs and servicing. Who do you think will get priority: you with your cheap oil change or another customer who came in for a new set of $1,000+ tires? I’ve visited the rapid oil change centers that don’t require an appointment where you drive your car into the bay and wait in the car while the oil change is being done below you and I can’t say I have an issue with their level of service. While you might pay a bit more for the oil change if you’re in and out in 30 minutes perhaps your time is worth more than having to wait for over an hour for service at your dealer, no? Here you can see the latest oil change prices in some of the biggest auto centers like Walmart, Valvoline…
  4. Consider what extras you can get from your chosen oil change center. While you don’t necessarily want to choose your service center based on loyalty miles or things of that nature, certainly they do add up especially if you end up getting other work done at this service center (ie. new tires, transmission servicing, new brakes, etc) and your bill ends up being a lot higher. If your chosen service center offers loyalty points for a card that you carry, these points can add up over time especially when you’re only paying for things that you had to buy.

Think of oil changes as a necessity. Don’t go cheap on oil changes and think that avoiding having them done will save you money or that shopping for a cheap oil change option is your only way to go to save money. Getting regular oil changes based on your vehicle’s recommended schedule is your best bet and don’t be afraid to shop around a bit for the best combination of price and service.

Conventional vs Synthetic Motor Oil

You’ve got two options for the oil you use in your car, and we’ve got coupons for both. Conventional oil is a good choice when you want to keep car maintenance costs to a minimum and you don’t drive your vehicle very hard. It is valued according to the price. This is the normal type of oil change that involves the installation of a new filter, installing at most 5 quarts of new oil as well as lubricating the chassis if it is necessary. Synthetic oil is a high-performance oil for a long list of benefits including enhanced protection against friction wear, dirt, and heat. There are full synthetic oil changes and synthetic blend oil change. Choosing 100% synthetic oil is recommended for protecting the investment you’ve made to drive a BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Lexus, Cadillac, or other luxury automobiles. A synthetic oil change is also the better choice when you own a high-mileage vehicle that you want to keep running longer. There is also a special synthetic product called high mileage oil change. See our oil change coupon offers for both conventional and synthetic oil to get the protection that’s right for your car’s engine.

Where To Go To Get The Oil Changed?

Motor oil is very easy to change in almost any vehicle. If you have a highly exotic vehicle like a Ferrari or Lamborghini then you’re best to take it to a special shop with an experienced mechanic. But the majority of the population’s vehicles can be serviced at a Jiffy Lube, a Quaker State place, or any regular oil change service station. You can always go to your dealership to have the oil changed. But it is really one of those very simple tasks that basic technicians can take care of.