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The fact that you are here tells us that you do not take car maintenance for granted. Of course, this is not a glamorous topic to discuss on. But then, it’s a critical one. After all, it’s of paramount importance to keep changing the motor oil at scheduled intervals to keep one’s car running smoothly for a long.

Believe it or not, the consequences can be lethal. Just like you need a good flow of blood in your body to remain healthy, your engine needs a fresh supply of oil to run well. If routine oil changes are not carried out, the motor oil thickens. Consequently, it damages the engine, which could lead to expensive repairs.

By the end of it, you will end up spending a lot more than usual by not changing your motor oil routinely. So, don’t let the old oil sit in your car engine for too long. On the contrary, make it a mission statement to change the motor oil when it’s due.

So, Are You Ready for an Oil Change at Speedee?

Oil change services are just as available as they used to be. So, you won’t fall short of options. It’s just a matter of picking a good auto repair center from the innumerable choices out there. The reason is that most independent shop owners suck in this area of work.

They will fall short in the area of quality parts, quality service, and of course, quality technicians. Although the price may be low, the quality won’t be worth it. The chances are that you will lose any admiration for car mechanics because they will try to upsell things at every opportunity they get. Of course, nobody, including you, would appreciate this.

Therefore, you should take your car to a credible place for an oil change. This will not only improve your views on car mechanics, but you will also get more than your oil change money’s worth.

How Much Does an Oil Change Cost at Speedee?

Generally speaking, oil change prices would vary based on the type of vehicle, type of oil, and engine capacity. As such, car mechanics at Speedee are trained to handle vehicles of different models and years. So, they will be able to guide you on the exact type of oil needed for your vehicle. That said, here’s a general overview of the oil change prices at Speedee.

  • Conventional Oil $29
  • High Mileage Oil $40
  • Full Synthetic Oil $87

As it’s easy to tell, the prices are not astronomically high. In fact, oil change prices are in line with the market rates. Even if you are a pensioner on a strict budget, you can consider Speedee for an oil change job because of how good they are. After all, cutting corners won’t help you. So, don’t chase dirt cheap rates.

Even a trivial matter such as an oil change can prove to be an expensive affair due to faulty work. Therefore, use your purchasing power wisely and get the oil change job done from a good auto repair center.

Type of motor OilPrice
Conventional Oil$29
Full Synthetic Oil$87
High Mileage Oil$40

Not interested in paying full price? Speed Oil Change Coupons

The good news is that you can take advantage of the Speedee oil coupons available on our site and get the job done at a greatly reduced price. It’s a solid option for those who want to get the oil change done at a reputable place without spending a fortune.

Whether you opt for conventional or synthetic oil, you are bound to find the best deals on our site. So, don’t delay getting an oil change done, thinking that it costs a lot, or it won’t affect the condition of your car. A fresh supply of oil will pump new life in your vehicle, and of course, prevent potential car breakdown.

So, it’s in your best interest to use the coupons shown over here and fix an appointment with Speedee at the earliest. You will truly be satisfied with the speed and quality of work they provide.

Why Should you Choose Speedee?

At Speedee, you will get quality service at an affordable price. Keep in mind that they have been in the automotive industry for thirty-plus years. Oil change aside, they will also be able to solve other annoyances in your car. Yes, they have 150 plus auto repair centers in the United States to take care of oil changes and related services.

The best part is that you will get quick service from them at your scheduled time. Most oil change jobs are completed in less than an hour. At Speedee, the staff is friendly too. As a result, you might get valuable advice on how to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs, of course, for no extra cost. The perks don’t end here.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the free services that you will get with your motor oil change package at Speedee:

  • Free filter installation
  • Free top off transmission fluid
  • Free top off radiator coolant
  • Free top off power steering fluid
  • Free top off differential fluid
  • Free top off windshield fluid
  • Free top off battery fluid
  • Lubrication of the chassis
  • Inspection of brake fluid level
  • Inspection of the air filter
  • Inspection of wiper blades
  • Inspection of hoses and belts
  • Inspection of tire pressure
  • Inspection of the cabin air filter
  • Cleaning of windshields
  • Cleaning of rear and front floorboards

Keep in mind that all of this won’t be a rush job. In other words, this translates to good quality work. Believe it or not, boatloads of past customers have vouched for this thing. What’s also worth pointing out is that the technicians will use high-quality oil and parts. Yes, your existing engine oil will be replaced with five quarts of high-quality motor oil.

Also, the newly installed filter will be of good quality. Of course, the technicians have a welcoming and friendly attitude too, which really puts customers at ease. As you can tell by now, you will get much more than your oil change money’s worth. Rarely do you get to see such a level of service and quality, especially in the automotive industry?

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