Tire Coupons

Tires form part of the most recurrent parts of vehicle maintenance as it requires regular attention and periodical maintenance. The tires, based on the conditions of the road, get wear & tear over a period of time. Nowadays, maintaining the tires is a very costly affair, as your vehicle requires periodical maintenance like tire rotation, wheel balancing, and tire replacement. But with the advent of tires coupons, tire maintenance has been a smooth and cost-effective affair, thereby saving your hard-earned money to a great extent. Save money on new tires with tire coupons from your favorite tire retailer. There is no more essential gear on your car or truck than its tires. Coupons collected here can get you an impressive tire rebate or discount that will help your vehicle’s gas mileage by maintaining proper tire pressure.

Keep Rolling Safe and Save Money with New Tire Coupons

An even more important reason to use a coupon on tire discounts is that tires in good condition will keep you and your passengers safe on roads covered with rainwater, ice, snow or gravel. They will prevent a tire blowout that can lead to a dangerous rollover accident. Don’t delay. Print a tires coupon today, and see a tire dealer for a better set of rubber! You’ll be able to use the coupon for a set of tires that fit your vehicle, your driving habits, and the type of weather common to your climate. Most tire dealers honor coupons for all-weather tires, snow tires, and premium performance tires. You might find a great set of new rims to go with the new tires.

Tire coupons
Tire coupons

Tire Service is Important Too

The best way to get the longest life from your new or existing set of tires is to have the tires serviced and rotated on a regular basis. Use a tire coupon for service to make sure the tires are inflated properly, are free of nails and other road debris and to rotate them to ensure that they wear evenly and durable.

You’ll also find oil change coupons, as well as other car service coupons, here. Some of those deals include tire rotation, so you can have two important maintenance tasks completed in one visit.

How to Use a Tire Coupon

It’s very easy to put a tire rebate or discount coupon to work for you. We offer tire deals from some of the top tire retailers in your area, and you will find options convenient to where you live, work or shop. Click on the coupon to open it to see if it’s the tire coupon you want to use. Feel free to click open as many tire discount coupons as you want to find the best, most convenient deal. When you’re ready, print the coupons you plan to use. Each one includes all the information you need to save money on tires. Keeping cash in your pocket while getting a good deal on tires has never been easier. Here you can find Firestone tires coupons, Goodyear tires discounts, Sears tires coupons, Walmart tires coupons and much more

Share the Tire Discounts with Others

Here’s an idea many visitors to this site take advantage of. Print multiple coupons for tire discounts and other vehicle maintenance coupons, and then hand out the ones you don’t use to friends, family members, employees, and neighbors. They cost you nothing, and the savings you’ll pass on can be quite impressive! Everyone likes a deal, so be the guy or gal that makes those deals happen. These coupons make fun add-ons to holiday and birthday gifts too. Be creative with the savings, and others will be generous with their thanks for the great car and tire coupons you pass along to them.

8 Tips For Extending Your Tire Life

  • Proper Inflation: It’s so simple, but also so easy to ignore. Keeping your Sears tire properly inflated will do more for extending mileage than anything else you can do for your tires.
  • Rotate Your Tires: Both front and rear-wheel drive vehicles place unique demands and wear patterns on your tires — rotate your tires periodically to get the best mileage possible
  • Align Your Tires: If your tires are not aligned properly, they are literally being dragged at an angle down the road — causing excessive wear and damage.
  • Balance Your Tires: A tire that is out of balance will wear prematurely — and can wear out fast, leaving with tire failure sooner than you might expect.
  • Take It Easy: If you’re prone to whipping around corners, burning rubber when you start off and skidding to a stop, well, you better throw your change in the piggy bank, cause you’ll be breaking into it for a new set of tires very soon.
  • Don’t Overload Your Tires: Every tire including a Sears tire is rated for a certain load, and if you burden your car with extra weight, you are putting extra strain on not only the tires but the entire suspension system.
  • Avoid Curbs and Potholes: By avoiding curbs, potholes, and the like, you can help extend the life of your Sears tire.
  • Avoid Winding Roads and Substandard Pavement: The straighter you can travel on good pavement, the better for the life of your tires. Once you hit winding, twisting, or rough roads your tire mileage will drop accordingly.