Buying New Tires – Expert’s Guide, Tips And Advice


Car owners would well be aware of the daunting process they have to go through once their local mechanic carelessly remarks that the car needs another set of tires. The visit to the local tire shop leaves one all the more exasperated and confused. There are so many makes of tires, so many types of tire, and so many cost categories ranging from cheap tires too expensive ones that one feels helpless and destined for a wrong and pocket-hurting purchase. This article, however, aims at making the tire buying process much simpler and easily manageable for car and automobile owners. With the information presented below, you would certainly feel a lot more confident talking to the salesperson at the tire store, and for all you know, you could well strike a great deal and bring home some good value for money, durable and cheap tires.

What You Need To Know When Buying New Tires

Firstly, you need to be confident about your decision to buy the new set of tires. Is it time to replace your tires? The thought of trying to rope in a set of dirt cheap tires to save money could easily entice you into making the mistake. You need to realize that it is much better to buy good quality tires, even if it means shelling out some additional cash. However, if you do get your hands on quality and cheap tires, nothing like it!

Buying New Tires TipsKnow as much as you can about the shape and size of tires that would suit your vehicle. Go back to the vehicle manual to determine the exact size of the tires. Don’t mix tire sizes.

Try to decide as to what kind of terrains you are likely to cover in the next few years. If you live in a remote village and know for a fact that most of your traveling would invariably involve muddy and rugged tracks, then you should opt for special mud tires rather than the usual cheap tires. Don’t hesitate from enquiring to somebody you in a parking lot, driving the same model as yours about the tires he/she uses, and whether those would be good for your purpose.

You might even get some golden words and be able to find cheap tires for your vehicle without compromising on the quality. Genuine advice can serve you immensely in your search for nice and cheap tires for your automobile. There are several forums with thousands of members with years of experience in driving and dealing with automobile issues. You could easily find dozens of people who would have made tire purchases in the recent past. Advice from even half of them would ensure that you get the best purchase for yourself.

Where I Can Buy New Tires And Get The Best Price

Once you have determined to what make and size of tires you need to buy, it is time to go further in your quest for those elusive cheap tires. It would be pertinent to mention here that ‘cheap tires’ does not necessarily refer to very inexpensive ones. It would be more intelligent to regard a set of tires that serve you for several miles as effectively cheap tires. There are so many places from where you can purchase new tires that there is a huge possibility that you would get a deal that lets you buy ideal and cheap tires for your car. Try to get the tire prices from your local automobile market and all the reliable online stores.

Most online stores frequently offer discount deals on complete sets of tires, and this is where you can make an intelligent move and grab a set of cheap tires that fit your needs. Also, some tire stores do not mind giving you healthy discounts if you leave your old tires with them. And just in case the store from where you bought the previous set of tires is around, you could try getting the exchange deals going with them, as they would be much more likely to offer you a good return price.

What About Guarantee On New Tires

When you purchase a new set of tires, make sure that you get a guarantee with that. Driving is so unpredictable that you might need to cash in on the guarantee way sooner than you would have anticipated. So, do not hesitate from purchasing tires with good guarantee rather than cheap tires without any such coverage. Apart from the guarantee, there are some technical parameters that you would do well to become familiar with before going to the tire store with your mind set on getting hold of a set of durable, yet cheap tires.

For instance, you must look for a tread-wear rating in excess of 400. This would ensure that your new tires last for a good length of time. You might wish to consider a traction score between the lowest C and the best AAA if you get moderate temperatures throughout the year. However, try to go for AAA ones if you drive on wet and slippery roads for a good part of the year.

Your search for cheap tires could be very frustrating and demanding. However, with all the above-mentioned tips in your head, you are more than likely to be successful in finding a set of useful and cheap tires.