Cheap Tires – Who Has The Lowest Prices On Tires?

Buying cheap tires does not mean that one has to go all out for a dirt cheap set of tires. On the contrary, it ultimately boils down to the value yielded by the tires for them to be classified as a cheap or an expensive purchase. At least a certain degree of knowledge about tires and purchasing them is necessary before you set out on your quest to bring home some cheap tires. There are too many sources of cheap tires to count, right from your neighborhood used tire shop to the swanky automobile spare parts showrooms selling tires at discounted rates. And in the middle, there is the huge ocean of the online market where you could search easily till you find the perfectly suiting set of cheap tires.

How Much Do Cheap Tires Really Cost?

buying cheap tiresGoing back to the point about the tires yielding some value, one would do well to understand the price you pay for tires for your automobiles is just a part of the input required from your side. Extending the thought logically, it is almost obvious that tires do a lot more than just making the heavy body of the vehicle move on the road. The whole phenomenon of locomotion is an energy-intensive process and only a good set of tires can withstand the test of times and the ruthlessness of the roads.

Hypothetically speaking, it would not be right to regard a set priced at 500$ as cheap tires if they are going to last merely for 30,000 odd miles! You would much rather go for doubly priced tires that would last for something close to 100,000 miles. Indirectly speaking, you pay less per mile traveled for the latter set of tires, and this means that they would ultimately end up being cheap tires rather than the apparently cheap former ones.

Tires need a good deal of maintenance, as they are in direct contact with the most unforgiving of surfaces that your vehicle would run on. Buying cheap tires is just a part of the money saving exercise; you need to be aware of the health of your tires and all the necessary procedures to make them last longer. With intelligent and informed moves, you can ensure that your inexpensive set of tires stays good for a really long time. Maintaining proper tire pressure, checking and mending wear and tear in tires, etc go a long way in lengthening the time period of service for tires, and you can easily extract additional value and service from your cheap tires by keeping these things in mind.

How To Find The Quality Cheap Tires At The Best Price

One of the most common questions asked in regards to cheap tires is who has the best prices? The answer is simple, but getting there will take a little research on your part. Thankfully, the internet has made new tire buying much easier than ever before.

To find any cheap tires online you can quickly search many different websites that sell all types of tires. Compare prices at 5 or more of these sites during your spare time. The nice thing is that you can do this at any time of day or night. Also, you can find useful tires coupons here.

cheap tiresIn many cases you will find cheap tires at Walmart, Sam’s Club or your local Discount Tire dealer. But while you may save some money upfront, I, and many others as well, have had problems with some of their tires. This is especially true at Walmart. I’ve gone through a few sets that were defective. Others have reported problems with the Douglas brand.

The other issue with these bigger stores is the customer service part. You can expect, in most cases, to wait for longer periods of time than at other stores. Sometimes you can run into further delays with the work not being completed when they said it would and other issues as well.

One other tip I would advise is to be sure you are not buying a cheap tire made in China. I’m not going to get into a bashing of Chinese products, but we all know what to expect with their lead toys and other inferior products. Do you really want to go cruising down the road at 75 MPH on a set of cheap car tires made in China? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Some other places to consider for cheap new tires could be NTB, Pep Boys and other smaller retail stores in your area. Again, by doing some research and looking around, you can quickly find a good deal on a set of cheap tires for your car or truck.

Cheap Tires – Are They For You?

If you are looking for cheap car tires you will want to ask yourself a few questions about your particular needs before going ahead and buying any new set. Since all of our driving styles are different, you will want to determine your needs first. Then, finding a great set of cheap tires for sale is only a matter of looking around.

One of the first areas to consider is how fast you drive. I get a big kick out of these tire companies putting out super expensive tires built for speeds over 140 MPH. Unless you have access to a local drag strip, or you live in Germany and drive the Autobahn, where are you going to go to drive that fast all the time? Why pay good money for tires that are high performance rated when you don’t need them?

Tires rated for speeds up to 100 MPH are generally all you will ever need. This is also the area in which you can find some really great deals on cheap tires. Tires that are high speed rated are usually not offered for big discounts. It is a specialty market.

cheap tires near meYou will also want to take the traction rating into consideration. Generally, you will have a choice between Grade A and Grade B traction tires. Naturally, Grade A tires are the better of the two and work well in city driving where you are constantly having to hit your brakes. They are also your choice for wet pavement driving.

Grade B is your cheap new tires that can work well in country driving such as a farm or other area where you don’t do as much braking. This may not apply to your needs, but it is something to consider in saving you money on tires.

Take a few minutes and think about your driving habits and needs. This will help you figure out where you need to be when it comes to getting cheap tires.

Cheap Tires Or Driver Negligence?

Getting a great deal on cheap car tires can often be a real blessing, but in some cases, it can be a curse if you are not careful in choosing the right tires. Buying a set of cheap car tires that are faulty is only going to cost you more money in the end. But with that said, not all tire problems are caused due to the tires.

In many instances, it can be the driver creating the tire problem. Here’s a look at some common problems with tires that can be due to either cheap tires or driver negligence.

Tire Leaks

This is one of the most common tire problems. Low tire pressure is the primary factor in tire wear and failure. Unfortunately, it is most often driver negligence behind the problem. You should be checking your tire pressure at least once a month…with a gauge. Just eyeballing the tire isn’t going to give you an accurate reading.

Of course, it is possible that certain types of cheap tires can be behind the cause of low air pressure. In many cases, it can be due to faulty valve stems. Other reasons may even be something like a nail or screw stuck in the tire and causing a very slow air leak.

Tire Alignment

This is an area most often overlooked by car owners. Regardless of whether you just got your best deal on the cheap tire or you spend $1500 on the finest set of tires, you need to get an alignment done at the same time. Mis-alignment can wear out a set of tires in only a matter of a few months. If you have ever had it happen to you then you know what I mean. Here you can read all about wheel alignment cost.

The best advice is to go ahead and spend a little extra money and get your vehicle aligned while you get your new tires put on.

Rotating Tires

With today’s tires, having them rotated every 5,000 or 10,000 miles is not necessary. Tests have shown that rotating your tires does not necessarily increase tire life at all. Sometimes it can even make for a harsher ride due to the unique wear pattern that has already been established.

Although cheap tires will always get the brunt of the blame when problems arise, I think you can see that driver negligence is behind the causes more often than not. The key to longer tire life is to check your tires out a regular basis like when you fill up with gas. A quick inspection can literally save you money down the road.