Common Tire Problems For Your Vehicle – Quick Solutions

No matter how well you take care of your car or truck, tire problems are bound to come at some point and time. I’m not speaking of a flat tire, but issues with tire wear that creep up over time. Here are a few of the most frequent tire problems you will find, as well as some quick solutions.

common tire problemsLow Tire Pressure

This is arguably the number one reason for premature tire wear and other issues associated with it. You’ll notice increased wear on both the inside and outside shoulders of the tire.

Not only does this wear down the tire tread, but you burn more fuel and increase the heat buildup in the tire. The best tip here is to regularly check your tire pressure at least once a month when you fill up the gas tank. It only takes a minute or two, and it can save you a lot of money along the way.

Overinflated Tires

On the opposite end of the scale are tires with too high of air pressure. You can see this happening by the increased wear in the center of the tire.

Driving on overly inflated tires can help improve your fuel mileage, but you run the risk of a blowout. You will also notice a more uncomfortable ride. The best tip here is once again, check your tire pressure monthly and keep them inflated to the proper air pressure.

Tires Squeal Going Around Corners

Do you notice your tires squealing when you turn sharp corners? Well, unless you are trying to take turns like a NASCAR driver, the problem could be due to a few different causes. First, your tires may be underinflated.

Another cause can be the treadwear on the tire. Once it gets to the point that it has run its lifetime course, the tire will begin squealing around corners. If neither of those two issues is the cause, it could be an alignment problem and you need a front end alignment. Check here alignment cost guide.

Vibrations At Highway Speeds

This is a frequent issue when your vehicle gets out of alignment. When you start to feel it vibrating, even slightly, be sure to take it in and get a front end alignment. If you leave it be you can expect the tires to wear prematurely, and the vibration to get worse with time.

Car Pulls To The Left Or Right

Here is another common issue that causes tire problems. Your vehicle pulls to the left or right while driving or braking. Obviously, it could be due to a tire low-pressure problem, but it could also go farther than that.

It could be caused by worn out suspension parts such as the ball joints, strut rod bushings or a tie rod among a few others.

The best advice here is to check your tire pressure and make sure it is correct. If the vehicle is still pulling, you need to get it into the shop to get checked out.

Tire Is Wearing Thin On Outside Shoulder

With this problem, which occurs fairly often in most vehicles, it is an alignment issue. The camber needs to be readjusted so the tire wears evenly. Too much weight on one side or the other of the tire due to the camber being off, will cause this premature wear.

These are some of the major tire problems you will encounter from everyday driving. There are others as well, but the biggest key to getting the most out of a set of new tires is to simply check the air pressure on a regular basis, and watch for signs of improper wear.

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