The Ideal Oil Change Frequency

How often should you change your oil? The ideal oil change frequency does differ by vehicle and you’re best to stick with the scheduled oil change frequency as suggested by your vehicle manufacturer but you’ll probably notice that the schedule differs from the one provided by your oil change center courtesy of the little sticker that they affix at the top left hand corner of your windshield.

This past week, I took my new vehicle (it’s 6 months old) in for it’s second oil change already based on the mileage. The first oil change was done at the dealer since they didn’t charge me for it but since they normally charge close to double what my local Meineke center charges for an oil change, I figured I’d give Meineke a try for this second oil change and save some money.

Ideal Oil Change Frequency
My dealer put an oil change sticker up following their oil change that indicated that I should come back in 6 months or about 4000 miles whichever comes first.

The little oil change sticker that the Meineke center just left on my windshield indicates that I should come back in 3 months or about 3000 miles whichever comes first.

My vehicle does show a schedule that matches what my dealer has suggested so I’m going to stick with that one. Not only will it involve fewer oil changes but it will obviously translate into less money being paid out for oil changes too.

Newer vehicles and newer oils last longer than in the old days so the old 3 month old change schedule probably doesn’t apply for your vehicle. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see what they suggest.

Higher end vehicles and diesel vehicles might have a vastly different schedule still so again, check with your owner’s manual and short of that, ask your local dealer. Here you can find the great oil change coupon codes.

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