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Firestone Brake Service Cost - Get The Best Price

Firestone Brake Service Cost – Get The Best Price

According to Firestone brake service cost can be reduced by maintaining your brakes in good repair before they get to the point where major expensive work is needed. Their qualified technicians carry out close to a million brake jobs each year. Firestone offers a free inspection so that you can find out the state of your car’s brakes. If work is needed there are different levels of service to suit your needs. Because the work is performed by certified technicians using quality parts Firestone don’t offer cheap brake service. So even though the actual brake job price might not be the lowest available, it will pay in the long run. If you have good quality brake parts put in your car then they will last much longer.

Firestone Brake Service CostWhen you step on the gas your car accelerates. What happens when you step on the brakes? The car should stop safely, securely and at the moment you need it to. As your car ages, it will inevitably need some repair work needed on the brakes. It is important to recognize the main signs of brake trouble. You want to prevent excessive wear on the brakes that may cause other problems to crop up sooner than necessary. Take the time to ask questions and educate yourself on the brake system to avoid costly problems. That way the Firestone brake service costs can be kept to a minimum. Also, you can try to reduce brake repair cost by using Firestone brakes coupons.

There are several different choices when it comes to brake service at Firestone. If you have noticed a problem with your brakes early then you will probably need the Standard Brake Service. More extensive work for more serious repairs could merit the Lifetime Brake Service. And keep in mind that they will all provide you with warranty coverage.

What types of work can be part of the Firestone brake service cost?

After correctly identifying the problem with your car’s brakes, one or several of the following brake services may be needed:

  • Replace and install new brake hardware, calipers, rotors, brake hoses, wheel bearings, master cylinders and drums
  • Exchange the brake fluid to remove and air and contaminants
  • Resurface the rotors and drums
  • Perform diagnostics and reparation for the anti-lock brake system
  • Repack the wheel bearings
  • Clean and adjust the parking brakes and drum brakes

Here is Firestone brake service cost table so you can take a look:

Type of servicePrice with coupon
Standard Brake Service$99.99
Brake InspectionFREE
Brake Fluid Exchange$69.99
Brake Service Rebate$25 per axle

Firestone offers different service level options. Here’s what in include in the Firestone brake service cost for each package:

Firestone Standard Brake Service

  • installation of new brake pads
  • resurfacing of the rotors
  • inspection of brake components
  • There is a lifetime parts warranty on disc pads and brake shoes, twelve months, twelve thousand miles warranty on labor.

Firestone Standard Brake Service with Fluid Exchange

  • installation of new brake pads
  • resurfacing of the rotors
  • inspection of brake components
  • exchange the brake fluid for the removal of air and other contaminants that get into the brake liquid
  • There is a lifetime parts warranty on disc pads and brake shoes, twenty-four month, twenty thousand miles warranty on labor.

This is the best way to lower brake fluid flush cost.

Firestone Lifetime Brake Service

You get everything that’s listed in the Standard package as well as loaded calipers.
There is a lifetime parts warranty on calipers and/or wheel cylinders, disc pads, brake shoes as well as the hardware used for installing the brakes. Take note that Firestone cannot offer a lifetime warranty on rotors or drums but those parts have a twelve month, twelve thousand miles warranty on labor for the Lifetime Brake Service package.

It is important to realize that the lifetime warranties will only be applicable for the time that the original owner has the vehicle. Also, read the fine print on the warranties as not all additional components used are included.

So how do you know what work needs to be done for your car’s brakes? Well just ask for a free brake inspection to find out. Firestone offers a complete and exhaustive inspection of your vehicle’s brakes, at no cost to you. That will help to discover most brake problems. It’s also a good way to prevent any small problem from turning into a much larger repair job.

The free inspection does not add a cent to your Firestone brake service cost. Here’s what will be checked.

Free inspection of the vehicle brake:

  • pads
  • shoes
  • rotors
  • drums
  • calipers
  • wheel cylinders
  • hoses
  • hardware (adjusters and springs)
  • parking brake cables
  • fluid condition
  • master cylinder fluid level
  • wheel bearings and grease seals

So that’s what you can expect included in a Firestone brake service cost. Rates will vary by location, so call to schedule a free inspection and find out what the local Firestone garage will charge for any needed repairs. Here you can check our collection of brake service coupons.

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