How To Get A Cheap Oil Change Guide

Everyone wants a cheap oil change. An oil change is necessary, especially a new car’s first oil change, to prolong the life of the car’s engine. It is great to save on an oil change but not at the risk of damaging a car’s engine. It is possible to save money and not risk damage to the car by obtaining a cheap oil change at some designated places. An oil change is not rocket science, but if someone is not handy, it should not be attempted.

Where to get a cheap oil change

Since an oil change is an easy task for those familiar with cars, there are ways to save. Auto schools or technical schools that teach students auto mechanics sometimes will do an oil change that is far below the $30-$40 dollars it normally costs. If the school has been in business for a long time, it can be a money saver having the oil changed there. There are also chains of auto centers that have been around for quite a while. They offer steep discounts on an oil change and have specials offering even more of a discount at various times throughout the year.

cheap oil changeThe auto dealer where the car was purchased often has deals where you pay for a few changes and get one free. As long as the ones you pay for do not exceed the aforementioned range of prices, this is a fair deal. A friend or neighbor can do a cheap oil change, that might cost nothing other than performing a service that you are proficient at, for them in the future.

In the newspapers or in flyers distributed to homes, at times coupons are present for a cheap oil change. See if this business is familiar to you. Should it be a well-known establishment, money on an oil change can be saved. Your neighborhood gas station that has serviced your car for years might not offer the best discount, but peace of mind will result knowing that this is an established business and the owner knows you. Hopefully, the charge will not be the full amount since you are a good customer.

Getting a Cheap Oil Change

As an automobile owner, one of the dreaded expenses is getting the oil changed every three to four months. With a little effort and diligence, you can locate a good deal. If you take the time to sort through advertisements and watch for local sign ads you will be able to find a lower rate and over a period of a year, you can save quite a bit of money.

Cheap oil change prices will often be posted on auto repair signs and at maintenance repair shops. Some of the chain auto oil change centers offer a discount with a punch card system, after several oil changes you will receive one free. Over the course of a year, you could save up to $100. Ask around for a vocational school or high school that still offers auto mechanic classes. You can get your oil changed for next to nothing by students that are learning the trade and still the work is being overseen by a certified mechanic.

Ask your friends or relatives if anyone is looking to do some extra work. Sometimes a person that actually enjoys doing oil changes and has the facility to do them will offer a good price for changing your oil because he does it for extra income. Maybe a friend would like to exchange his service skill on the oil change in exchange for a service or skill that you excel at.

Extension of Recommended Oil Changes

Recently car manufacturers have extended the mileage that an oil change is recommended. Nowadays you can drive a vehicle for 5000 to 7500 miles before it requires a recommended oil change. If you look at the less frequent oil changes you will need to make you will be saving quite a bit over a year. If you are really looking for a way to save money go to the auto parts store or discount store and purchase the oil and filter and do it yourself for a really cheap oil change. This is really the best way to save money, doing it yourself. This being said many people find that it is worth their time just to take it somewhere and get it done without any fuss or mess.

Get Cheap Oil Change With Oil Change Coupon: Save Money, Save Your Automobile, and Use it as a Gift Card

The motor oil needs to be changed regularly. Some people can afford this and have it done regularly, but some cannot afford this, so they wait. The average person spends over $100 per year on just oil changes alone. An oil change coupon is great to have, for anyone, and it can be a great gift idea. Special holidays or celebrations like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and Christmas are great times to give this gift to a loved one or treat you. Everyone loves getting a cheap oil change.

An oil change coupon can help a person save on a motor oil change and make the automobile run a lot smoother. Your car or truck has a temperature performance, high and low, and using synthetic oils will help to improve this and more. People can get better gas mileage with regular maintenance like this, too. When is the right time to have this maintenance done?

There are a few theories out there as to how many miles define the time due for an oil change. Most automobile owner’s manuals will tell you what time to change the oil and what type to use. There is hybrid oil and there is synthetic, and some people use other terms for this lubricant. The average person changes his or her oil at about 4,000 miles. Some people wait until 7,500 miles and others wait a lot longer.

Synthetic motor oil will last a lot longer than the standard type. The main reason why this maintenance is necessary is so that the motor in an automobile does not build up sludge, which can happen, and the engine could begin to act sluggish or fail, at some point, if the automobile is not maintained properly. All of us want the best for our vehicles and want to make sure they last longer and run smoother, but we also like to save some money in the long run. An oil change coupon will help someone save money, and having this maintenance done regularly will help to save money, too.

If oil changes are not done, at least three times per annum, sludge and other harmful substances will build up, which would end up costing someone a lot more money than this maintenance would. Best case scenario, you would pay for a tow and garage maintenance, and spare the motor if your car stopped running or slowed down so that you could only go about 30 miles per hour. Worst case scenario, pay for a tow and buy a previously owned one or a new engine. A used engine even can cost a person anywhere from $500-700 nowadays, especially since most of the older vehicles have been taken off the road now, and modern accessories and parts do cost a lot more. Some people have been known to pay over $1000 for a used engine. Some people have no choice but to buy a brand new motor for their car and this price can be even more outrageous.

I would rather give my car a chance to live longer without having to pay all that and rent one while my car is being fixed (another expense). When there is a cheap oil change available for me, or for a loved one or close friend, you can bet that I am going to use that deal. I love to save money, and time.

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