Midas Oil Change Coupons and Price

Oil changes are a mandatory maintenance procedure. Therefore, vehicle owners can’t afford to run away from it. Now, it turns out that the local garage owners have this unbelievable ability to make some otherwise rational individuals into mindless thinkers. They pitch them low-price oil change services and lure them into spending more than usual in some way or the other.

So, the inevitable toll on the wallet is bound to happen. Therefore, it’s better to get the car serviced from a credible auto repair center. At least, they won’t find five or six faults in your perfectly running vehicle. Your car may not be in top-notch condition, but they won’t pitch unnecessary things to meet their sales target.

Midas Oil Change Service

As it’s easy to tell by the title, we are going to talk about Midas oil change coupons and prices. For those who don’t know, Midas is a leader in this space, providing vehicle owners with the services they need, without needless extras. They take care of customer’s vehicles like their own.

This is what separates the Midas oil change service from the competition. This should also explain why we are talking about it over other similar service providers. Oil change aside, they will discuss the current condition of your car as well. For instance, they will check all fluids and tire pressure.

Only if needed, they will point out areas that may deserve your attention so that you can plan things accordingly. So, if your tire is about to fall apart in the near future, you can worry about it another day. Basically, they won’t force things down your throat once you enter their territory.

How Much Does it Cost to Change Oil at Midas?

Coming to the million-dollar question, how much money will you have to cough out to get your engine oil changed at Midas auto repair center? Well, the price would depend on your area and the type of oil you choose. A typical oil change job would cost you around 28 bucks.

Of course, this price is for conventional oil. The price would shoot up if you go for synthetic oil because it has fewer impurities than conventional oil.

That said, conventional oil will work fine for your car if the vehicle manual recommends the same. For those who have been referred to use synthetic oil should be willing to spend more because the cost for synthetic oil can go up to $70. That said, synthetic blend oil will cost less than a full synthetic oil. So, value seekers can opt for synthetic blend oil since it offers a nice blend of conventional and synthetic oil.

Type of motor OilPrice
Oil and Filter Change$27.95
Synthetic Blend Oil$39.95
High Mileage Oil$69.99

Between synthetic and conventional oil, synthetic oil is found to be more cost-effective in the long run because of how well it takes care of the car’s engine. So, don’t be intimidated by the high upfront cost of synthetic engine oil. Seriously, synthetic oil will pay for itself down the road. After all, the use of synthetic oil translates to better fuel mileage, better protection, and improved performance.

Not to mention that the oil change interval will also be longer for those who use synthetic oil as opposed to conventional oil. Basically, synthetic oil will allow your car’s engine to stand up well against daily wear and tear like nobody’s business. Keep in mind that synthetic oil is a little better for the environment too. Yes, it’s more eco-friendly than your conventional oil. As it’s easy to tell, there are a lot of merits attached to the use of synthetic oil.

Midas Oil Change Price Chart Below:

Oil and Filter Change $27.95
Synthetic Blend Oil $39.95
High Mileage Oil $69.99

As apparent from the starting price, Midas oil change services are pretty competitive, ensuring that most vehicle owners can take advantage of quality service and parts without dropping a lot of money. So, there’s no need to look for a high-tech or expensive automotive service center for an oil change.

How Long Does Oil Change Take at Midas?

Given the fact that Midas hires highly skilled car experts and technicians to handle oil changes and other repairs, you can expect a fast turnaround time from them. Of course, this is considering that you fix a prior appointment with them. They will entertain direct walk-ins as well. However, you never know if they will be free or not.

If you show up during busy hours, you will have no choice but to wait for your turn. Obviously, this could increase the turnaround time. That said, a typical oil change job at Midas takes no more than 60 minutes. Bear in mind that they won’t be simply changing the oil.

They will also replace the existing filter with new oil. Moreover, they will do tire rotation and routine car inspection for potential pitfalls, of course, for no extra cost to your wallet. You will also get a proper repair record, which you can keep for future reference.

Midas Oil Change Coupons and Discount Codes

Despite how low Midas oil change prices are, you can still save a lot of money. The coupons that you find on our site will help you avail some awesome deal without any hiccups, causing you to pay less than usual for an oil change at Midas auto center.

Of course, most coupons have a certain validity period. Therefore, we recommend you to check our site as often as possible to grab the latest discount coupons.

You will typically get the best deal because we post new coupons and discount codes on a regular basis. Seriously, you won’t have to ever pay full price by visiting our site prior to an oil change job. Keep in mind that Midas centers can be found throughout Canada and the United States.

And, the coupon codes offered over here will work on any Midas chain of automotive service center. So, be prepared to save big on your next visit to Midas service center, regardless of what service you avail from them.

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