Sears Oil Change Price 2024 – Find How Much You’ll Pay For Conventional, Synthetic or High Mileage Oil Change

As already known to most vehicle owners, engine oil is the lifeblood of any vehicle out there. Low or dirty motor oil can erode engine parts, sometimes, beyond repair. In other words, an oil change is a necessary evil. It can’t be dodged. Of course, you can ride a few hundred miles beyond the recommended frequency for an oil change. But then, it’s not a good habit to pursue. Your engine won’t survive for a long time if you make this thing a regular habit.

As unfortunate as it sounds, loads of vehicle owners out there don’t give a lot of thought to where they should get the oil change done. Neither do they care to check the owner manual to know the suggested frequency for an oil change. Of course, this puts them at risk of getting scammed by local car mechanics, who prefer less educated customers to walk into their doors. Of course, not all car mechanics are bad. But then, you should at least be taking your vehicle to a place that hires credible technicians.

Sears Oil Change Service

Sears oil change price list by motor oil type: conventional, semi synthetic, full synthetic or high mileageSears Auto Center is a place that you can trust for an oil change because they don’t indulge in dodgy practices like others. Yes, they won’t discover issues with your car for no reason. The best part is that they won’t sell you hundreds of other things like other auto centers normally do. The technicians at Sears are highly professional, and they know their job very well. Sears is really known for hiring guys with lots of automotive knowledge and experience. Seriously, the advice you receive from the technicians will tell you how competent they are. They are trained to meet all your vehicle repair and maintenance needs. Not to mention that they supervise everything to ensure that nothing slips through the gaps.

Why Choose Sears Oil Change Service?

Having informed you about the company and its efficient staff, let’s also tell you why their oil change service is better than other leading offers that you may have on the table. At Sears, they consider a lot of things when changing motor oil. To begin with, they will refuel the motor oil with high-quality oil and not some cheap refined oil, which will better lubricate your engine. The clean and quality engine oil will also lead to less engine friction, enabling the car to run smoother than usual. Keep in mind that you will also get increased gas mileage due to the factors outlined above.

All Sears Oil Change Services include the following:

  • Up to five quarts of clean and nice quality motor oil
  • Old motor oil filter replaced with a new one
  • Chassis lubrication, if necessary
  • Free tire inflation, as needed
  • Free top-off of windshield and power steering fluids
  • Multi-point car inspection
  • Service time of 30-40 minutes
  • No additional charges levied
  • Invoice amount will match the free estimates
  • A detailed record of the work done
  • Friendly faces to treat you well

Sears Oil Change Price Packages

At Sears, they offer you three oil change options. As such, the technician will ask you for your preference during an oil change. You will mostly be asked to choose between conventional and synthetic oil. As such, synthetic oils are more expensive than conventional oils, but they offer better protection.

Let’s discuss the oil change packages offered at a Sears auto center and their prices:

1. Conventional Oil Change Package – $19.99

This is the cheapest package, which is ideal for everyday driving. At the time of this writing, the conventional oil change service is being offered at $29.99 (if you have a discount coupon you can get it for $19.99 or $21.99 depending on current promo offer), which is in line with the competition. Seriously, this package should suit most vehicle owners because of its reasonable pricing.

2. MaxLife Oil Change Package – $39.99

This high mileage package is designed to meet the needs of vehicles that have covered a lot of miles. Refilling the old motor oil with the MaxLife oil will help your car combat engine breakdown issues better than your regular oil. As a result, your car will run much smoother than before. The Sears high mileage oil service package costs around $39.99

3. SynPower® Oil Change Package – $69.99

For ultimate engine protection and performance, you would be better off with the SynPower® Oil Change package. Since the SynPower® Oil has fewer impurities than other oils, it does a better job than its rivals. This package can cost up to $69.99 but if you use a coupon you can get Sears synthetic oil change for $52.99. As expected, the SynPower® Oil change service is highly sought after by owners of sports and luxury cars.

Keep in mind that the prices outlined above are based on five quarts of oil. Some vehicles may need more oil, which may increase the cost of the oil change service. So, the price will vary based on the type of oil you choose and the amount of oil needed for your vehicle.

When Should you Change the Motor Oil At Sears Auto Centers?

Ideally, you should be changing the motor oil every 3,000 miles. This is what the auto industry keeps preaching. However, this mile interval isn’t 100% correct. With modern lubricants, most engines can last for 5,000 to 7,000 miles without any fuss. With full-synthetic motor oil, your vehicle can run for 15,000 miles between oil change services. Of course, the vehicle’s condition and the driving habits will also play a key role over here. To put it simply, better quality oils can reduce the frequency of visits to an auto center for an oil change. So, don’t be scared of the high upfront cost of synthetic oils. In reality, they actually pay for themselves.

As such, you can check the vehicle’s manual to determine the frequency of oil change for your vehicle. If the manual is lost, the technicians at Sears will help you figure out the best oil for your vehicle.

Final Thoughts on Sears Oil Change Service Prices

Sears have been servicing cars for decades now. So, they won’t mess around with their reputation by offering you a lackluster service. They also accept same-day appointments. Therefore, you can schedule an oil change appointment with them so that a certified technician can perform an oil change on your car at the earliest.

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