Goodyear Oil Change Price

Believe it or not, most of the worst oil change jobs have been at a local mechanic’s shop. The fact that they hire inexperienced cheap labor to treat the vehicles, the room for error flourishes. Even if the job is completed on time, you may not like the work enough to be a repeat customer.

Frankly speaking, most vehicle owners usually overestimate what they can get for a low-ball oil change service. This usually causes a lot of disappointment. Yes, reputed auto repair centers like Goodyear charge a little more. But then, the value for money definitely exists. Seriously, you won’t be able to say anything bad even if you have a gun pointed towards you.

Goodyear Oil Change Service

The technicians at Goodyear are trained on the latest car technology. So, they are not relying on trial and error to fix your car. Of course, a motor oil change doesn’t require ground-breaking skills. However, the work needs to be done smoothly to prevent the car engine from breaking down.

Seriously, your car can run into several issues from a bad oil change job, costing you hundreds and thousands of dollars in the process. From overheating, excessive wear and tear, and more, a lot can go wrong if the technician misses a step or two during the oil change process.

How Much Does an Oil Change Cost at Goodyear?

Of course, the cost would depend on the type of motor oil you choose. At Goodyear, these are the options available for the customers:

  • Conventional (Valvoline) Oil $24.9
  • Synthetic (MaxLife) Oil $49.9
  • Full Synthetic (SynPower) Oil $69.95

As you can tell, the Goodyear oil change price isn’t too high or too low. They are somewhere around the middle. But, the level of service and spare parts are of top-notch quality.

Type of motor OilPrice
Conventional (Valvoline) Oil$24.9
Synthetic (MaxLife) Oil$49.9
Full Synthetic (SynPower) Oil$69.95

What is Included in the Goodyear Oil Change Price?

Other than offering you the choice of premium oils that are compatible with the car you are driving, the Goodyear technicians will replace the oil filter with a new one for no extra cost. Plus, they will lubricate all the fittings. Moreover, all the belts and hoses will be looked upon as well.

Better still, they will check the tire pressure and top-off all other fluids. Additionally, they will do a routine check of the critical parts of your car to inspect whether or not your car will cause you trouble on the streets. As you can tell, a lot of perks are included in the deal. So, it’s not a bare-bones service.

Goodyear Oil Change Service Advantages:

1. Better Quality Oil: At Goodyear, your motor oil will be replaced with the oil you choose. In other words, they won’t throw in whatever oil they can get in bulk for cheap, which is usually not the case with local garage shops. Even if you pay for synthetic oil, the independent shop owners will use the cheapest synthetic oil available with them. With Goodyear, you will get what you pay for.

2. Better Filter: Filter replacement is an inevitable part of the oil change process. If you don’t change the filter, the engine oil will turn dirty in no time. Keep in mind that it matters what filter you use. The folks at Goodyear use filters made up of metal components as opposed to plastic. Plus, their filters have a good anti-drain back valve.

3. No Rush Jobs: When mechanics do a rush job, they end up doing a lot of human errors. You may have encountered this, or you may know someone who had this happen to him/her. Common errors with oil change include loose or overtightening of the oil filter. Worse yet, the inattentive minimum wage mechanic at a local garage may also resort to incomplete oil filling.

4. Work Efficiency: Oil change aside, the folks at Goodyear are fine with tough jobs too. So, you can bring tough jobs to them as well. They will do it right the first time itself, saving you a lot of trouble in the process. Unlike independent garage owners, Goodyear hires certified staff to work on cars. Therefore, their services are several times better than other independent auto repair shops out there.

5. No Unnecessary Upsells: Upsells happens a lot, isn’t it? You can expect a lot of offers from local garages. After all, they want to mint as much money as they can, while they are in your car. Gladly enough, this isn’t the case with the Goodyear oil change service. The staff is trained to stick to the boundaries of this job, which doesn’t involve hardcore upselling.

Goodyear Oil Change Price FAQ:

Should you Change the Motor Oil by Yourself?

A lot of folks out there will tell you that you should leave such tasks to the professionals. Believe it or not, they are absolutely right. After all, it’s not just about changing the oil, but it’s about doing it right. First-timers will actually need $100 or more worth of tools, to begin with.

Of course, they will get dirty too, when getting underneath the car. Some stains may be permanent, which might force the DIY guy to ditch the clothes. Also, one should factor in the time lost in the process. From start to finish, the oil change job might take you more than an hour. Are you willing to trade off an hour or so to save a little money?

To add insult to injury, you won’t even save a lot of money by changing the oil by yourself. Not to undermine the fact that folks who change their own oil can get into trouble with the law by not taking the necessary steps of recycling the old oil.

You can congratulate yourself on the curiosity. But then, it’s not too rewarding to change the motor oil by yourself. For most of us, the cons totally outweigh the pros. So, save yourself some time, effort, and money by getting the oil change job done by a professional.

Final Thoughts on Goodyear Oil Change Service?

The folks at Goodyear go above and beyond the boundaries of their job to get the task done right, no matter how small the nature of the job is. Not to mention that your car will be handled with care by experienced and certified technicians. As a result, there would hardly be any lapses. You seriously can’t go wrong by getting the oil change done by them. For the best and smart oil change job, schedule an appointment with Goodyear today!

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