Firestone Oil Change Price 2024

You are probably ready to get your motor oil changed. In this pursuit, you must have shortlisted some super cheap places to visit. But, do you know whether or not those guys are crooks, waiting to separate you from your hard-earned money? Well, ask any employee working in a local mechanic shop about his learning experience. If he is honest enough, he will tell you that he learned a lot about cars and even how to scam customers walking through the doors.

In most cases, the material used will be substandard, even if the work is done smoothly. No matter what name brand oil you ask them to use on your car, they will use a ‘no-name’ refined oil that costs them peanuts in comparison to a good brand oil, which will do a lot of harm to your engine in the long run. Seriously, you will pay dearly through a completely ruined engine. So, it’s not really worth taking the risk of getting your oil changed from a super cheap mechanic shop.

Why Choose Firestone Oil Change Service?

Explore Firestone oil change price list The folks at Firestone take oil changes very seriously. Unlike the competition, they won’t miss a step or two and create expensive problems for you down the road. Moreover, they won’t lie about the work they did. Basically, they will do a smooth job at a competitive rate without any attempt to rip you off with expensive upsells. Not to discount the fact that the company has been in the business long enough to know how to treat their customers. They have more than 1600 stores throughout the United States. Each and every center is equipped with well-trained staff and modern-day equipment. So, hiring them for a motor oil change job will save you from a lot of unnecessary headaches.

What is the Firestone Oil Change Price?

Obviously, different oils will have different prices. Also, not all vehicles can hold the same amount of oil. So, the price would vary based on your car’s oil carrying capacity too. At Firestone, the oil change prices start from $19.99 and go up to $70 because they offer different brands and grades of oil. Standard oil change cost $24.99 ($19.99 with coupon), Synthetic Blend cost $24.99, for High Mileage you’ll pay $34.99 and for Full Synthetic $49.99. 

Firestone Complete Auto Care provide options to choose from, depending on your vehicle’s mileage and condition. They also provide Pennzoil Platinum oil for those who don’t want to settle for anything less than the best engine oil out there. Of course, synthetic oil changes will cost you more than a regular oil change. As such, a typical oil change job takes no more than thirty minutes, which is a pretty reasonable time for a job of this nature.

Firestone Oil Change Price List:

Type of motor oilPrice with coupon
Standard Oil Change $19.99
Synthetic Blend Oil Change$19.99
Full Synthetic Oil Change$49.99
High Mileage Oil Change$34.99

How Do You Get Oil Change Done at Firestone?

Customers can try their luck by directly walking in, or by fixing a prior appointment for an oil change. Appointments can be fixed easily online or over the phone. Keep in mind that they can be busy during the weekends. So, it’s better to fix an appointment as opposed to showing up without one. It’s best recommended to show up 10-15 minutes prior to the allocated time to ensure that everything is done in a timely fashion. You have the option of treating yourself with a cup of coffee in the waiting area.

What is Included in a Full Oil Change Service?

At Firestone, you will get more than what you pay for. During an oil change job, the car technicians will suggest you the best oil based on your car’s specification. They will refill up to five quarts of motor oil. Along with the oil, the old filter will be replaced with a new one. The price of the new filter is included in the oil change package that you choose. Better still, the car experts at Firestone will also inspect your entire vehicle for no extra cost to alarm you of anything that deserves your attention.

There are many additional reasons to change your motor oil at Firestone Complete Auto Care Centers. You will be sure the job is done properly and you’ll avoid potential problems and costly repairs in the future.

What Can Go Wrong with Cheap Oil Change?

If you are still not serious about this issue, let’s show you some evil truth, which will make you realize that you are bound to end up paying more than what you bargained for.

Low-Skilled Workers: Most local auto repair garages underpay their employees, which also means that they can’t afford to hire the best technicians in the market. So, the quality of work will definitely suffer.

Low-Quality Oil: As hinted earlier, you will be getting low-quality oil for the low price for the simple reason that the automotive industry is a high overhead industry. It’s not feasible to provide high-quality oil at dirt cheap rates.

Rush Job: Most local mechanics hire quantity-minded people as opposed to quality-minded people. They will do a rush job. By trying to cut corners, they will end up causing damage to your vehicle.
Unnecessary Extras: The folks working at an independent shop will try their best to make extra money by finding problems in your car. So, it won’t be like you will just get your oil changed and nothing else.

Horror Stories: Believe it or not, horror stories are quite prevalent with cheap motor oil change services. Something or the other goes wrong due to carelessness, inadequate staff training, and whatnot.
As you can tell by now, even a simple motor oil change procedure has a lot of room for errors. And, some mistakes can have a deadly effect on your wallet. Of course, the likelihood of errors is higher when you are getting the job done by low-wage technicians. So, think about quality when it comes to motor oil change. Of course, this isn’t to say that you should be willing to spend a fortune on good quality oil change service. Choose a motor oil change service that offers a nice blend of quality and price.

Final Words on Firestone Oil Change Price

Frankly speaking, you won’t have an ounce of regret for choosing the Firestone oil change service. They are effective and efficient without being pricey. Not to mention that their reviews are much better than the competition. So, use Firestone oil change service to keep your car running smoothly on the streets, of course, without creating a dent in your bank account.

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