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An oil change is something every engine usually around every ten thousand kilometers traveled. There are many ways you can have your oil changed. This is a process that does not take very long if you are equipped to do it. As we already said your vehicle relies on oil, lubrication, and an oil filter to keep it running smoothly. When we say oil change, we mean a process that implies full oil, lube and filter changes. How do you know you need an oil change?

Oil in an engine breaks down over the course of the car’s life. When this happens its protective value is greatly reduced and it starts to damage an engine. This is the time you will have wear in internal moving parts like rings and bearings. When a motor wears it starts to burn oil and this process keeps getting worse. Even if you do not use an engine very much it is a good idea to get the oil changed once a year.

Most new oil is a light brown almost see-through in color. When oil wears and breaks down it becomes a lot darker and thinner. You should change your oil before it gets too dark in color or thin like water inconsistency. On car and pickup engines it is not a bad idea to change the oil every three thousand miles. A little longer will not hurt but do not get carried away.

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Getting an Oil Change

Oil changeYou can change your own oil or have a place that specializes in it do it for you as Valvoline, NTB, Jiffy Lube, Walmart, Sears, Firestone or Goodyear auto centers. If you decide to do it by yourself you have to have a safe way of lifting your vehicle to change the oil. You can drive it up on ramps or jack and block it up. A lot of work that does not save you much money. An oil change specialized shop has an easy way to hoist your vehicle to get at everything. They can drain your oil and change the oil filter in a matter of minutes. No mess and no long waits when you have it done. Their work is guaranteed and most use quality products. It will save you a lot of time on that day off you have when you want to be doing something else. Also, they provide coupons for oil change service so you can easily get very good prices. It is important to keep your vehicle healthy in order for it to not break down, you can do this by keeping an eye on it and making sure that you keep it in good running condition. If you want a cheap oil change there is no better solution than doing it yourself, it just depends on if it’s something you like doing and if you have the time to do it.

What Happens During a Standard Oil Change Service

An oil change service is possibly one of the most important services that you can have done to your car. Regular oil changes will increase the life of your motor, keep fuel economy where it is supposed to be and keep your vehicle running like new. If you are thinking about getting a cheap oil change or neglecting to do regular changes. Keep this simple thing in mind, what is more, expensive changing the oil or replacing your engine. It really puts things into perspective when you think about it like that. Now, when you pull into the shop, what is happening to your car?

process of changing motor oilThe basic oil change service includes a few different steps. The first step the mechanic in charge will do is check the current level and condition of the oil in your vehicle. This important step will give the mechanic a glimpse into how well the vehicle has been taken care of and what to expect for future services.

The next step is to drain the existing oil from the vehicle. This is done by either hoisting the car up on a lift or by accessing the bottom of the car by way of a “pit”. When the mechanic is under the vehicle, he takes off a bolt that is threaded into the oil pan on the bottom of the engine. This opens up a hole in the oil pan and allows all of the old oil to drain from the engine.

The next step in a standard oil change service after the oil has drained fully is to put the bolt, also known as an oil drain plug, back into the hole and move to the oil filter. The mechanic removes the filter using a specialized oil filter wrench. After the oil filter has been removed, the mechanic lubricates the gasket of the new filter with oil and threads the new filter back into the engine.

After this step has been completed, the mechanic will lower the vehicle. This allows him to access the oil fill hole on the top of the engine. The mechanic then uses either a funnel and bottle of oil or a special hose connected to the shop’s oil supply to fill the engine with oil.

The final step the mechanic will perform is to check the oil level in the engine once more to ensure that the proper amount of oil has been added. After this, the mechanic will start the car, ensure there are no oil leaks, and the oil change service is complete. If you are looking for a cheap oil change it is important that you know how to do an oil change yourself, this is the number one way to save money on oil changes.

Price of an oil change

Oil change prices vary. Doing it on your own is obviously less expensive (around $15) but if you are not mechanically inclined, more damage can be done and it can waste a lot of time that can be devoted to other things. In this case, an investment with a good mechanic is a good idea (around $35). A good mechanic will charge more but peace of mind is obtained. Have a neighborhood mechanic that can be depended upon for a reasonably priced oil change that is professionally done. It makes no sense getting a very cheap oil change and paying later, due to the inexperience of someone who does it in assembly-line fashion like some of the chains. Cheaper imported parts may also be used causing problems to occur later.

If using a chain-type automotive place, call them to ask when the next special is going to occur and what the oil change prices will be. In this way, $5-$10 can be saved on an oil change costing around $40. Sometimes driving around will have you pass a place with a sign advertising a cheap oil change special. Some dealerships have a package that if purchased with your car will give a few discounted changes and perhaps a free oil change.

Here you can find some oil change discounts:

A-Team Tire & AutoEvans TireThe Oil Changers
Auto TireExpress OilPit Stop Oil And Lube
Advance Auto PartsEconomy LubeQuaker State
Auto SelectFuller’s Service CenterQuick Lane
Bob Sumerel TireHill Country HondaRamona Tire
Brake MastersKwik Kar Auto ServicesRebel Auto Shop
Brake MaxLamb’s Tire and AutomotiveShell Rapid Lube
Chevron Fast LubeLaura Buick GMCTire Kingdom
CTM Auto Repair ClinicMonro MufflerTire Works
Costa OilMountain View TireTread Quarters
DeLuca ToyotaMr. LubeUncle Ed’s Oil
Diehl Auto Repair ServicesMurfrees Boro NissanWilhelm Auto Repair
The Duke of OilNalley HondaXpert Auto Service
Pep BoysNTBPennzoil
Take 5 Oil ChangeSpeedee OilTires Plus
MidasMeinekeYoung Chevrolet
Elk River Tire And AutoNew AutohausCastrol

You can get a steep discount on oil change prices if you take your car to auto schools that train mechanics. This can be an auto school or a technical school with an auto training department. The best service might not be obtainable there, but an oil change is one of the first things learned and is not a complex operation.

If a neighbor is good at oil changes, use the barter system. Do something for them that you are good at, perhaps tutoring their children, and in return, they will give you a free oil change. This is a good idea for those short on cash when the time for an oil change arrives. Some car dealers are promoting free or cheap oil changes for a couple of years, in order to promote sales. If the car is to your liking, this can be a good deal. Along with the oil change, other automobile service procedures are often advertised as free of charge. This is something that can be negotiated into the price of the vehicle if you are buying it new from the dealer.

Oil Changes improve overall Automobile Performance

Oil changes improve overall automobile performance. This form of maintenance is especially important if your car has an internal combustion engine. What does motor oil do for an automobile?

An internal combustion engine has a combustion chamber. This is where combustion, otherwise known as fire or ignition, occurs. The combustion consists of air and fossil fuel. When the ignition or fire occurs, elevated levels of temperature and forceful gases are created. The creation of these gases and intense heat put acceleration into the movable parts of the motor, such as the pistons. These movements create practical involuntary power.

Oil changes are a maintenance routine that is done to help lubricate these moving parts and keep them running efficiently, which will improve overall automobile performance. That is the major reason why people have engine oil maintenance performed. Ultimately, there are other benefits to this type of car maintenance. Finding a cheap oil change is important if it is not something that you know how to do yourself. The internet is a great place to find a discount for an oil change as there are many different companies competing for your business.

When engine parts move, they chafe together. As time goes on, the chafing might cause little particles to fall off and enter the oil. The oil is circulated constantly, and it connects with the moving engine parts. Eventually, the particles that are in the oil will chafe the moving parts, which will wear out some of the engine’s parts. The way that an engine works is quite a process. On your vehicle, you have all the moving parts that help the engine to operate functionally. You also have your oil filter and oil pan underneath the engine (Usually referred to as the crankcase). Along with pistons, there are bearings and rods. The rods connect to the pistons and the pistons connect to the crankshaft.

Contemporary motors have oil pumps that suck the lubricant out of the oil pan and the oil goes through the filter and into a passageway. The oil travels through the passageway and greases the main bearings that are gripping the crankshaft and the camshaft bearings that are making the engine valves function properly.

Oil changes also keep all the engine parts cleaner, slow down the deterioration, helps with sealing and it keeps the engine cooled off. Changing oil regularly helps to keep the engine cool because the lubrication allows pistons and other parts to move properly. Also, the heat is conceded away from the moving elements. Whether you are driving a car or a motorcycle, a bus or a go-kart, you will be glad that you continued to have regular oil changes done. Your vehicle will run better, it will be more gas efficient, and it will last a lot longer.