How To Do An Oil Change

Changing your engine’s oil is one of the most preventative maintenance services you can do for your car.

Over time oil will break down and the oil filter will get clogged with debris from the oil and outside elements. This will cause engine damage and expensive engine damage.

It’s quite easy to change the oil and oil filter in a car. The main thing to remember is that it needs to be done on a periodic schedule.

Most car manuals will recommend changing the oil every 3.000 miles. Some more or some less.It is a good idea to heat up the engine oil before the oil change is done. Hot oil will drain faster and better than cold engine oil. Park the car where it is sitting level, and if possible, on a paved surface. Allow the car to sit for 5 to 10 minutes before the oil change is started.

Jack up the front end of the car so that the oil will drain backwards toward the oil pan. For safety purposes, disconnect the battery cables. Locate the oil drain pan on the car. Then remove the oil drain plug.

Care should be taken at this point so that the hot oil does not splash. The entire oil contents of the engine should drain out within 2 to 3 minutes.Once the oil is completely drained, the oil plug needs to be replaced. Be sure that it’s replaced properly, making sure that the oil plug is re-threaded properly.The oil filter should be changed every time that the oil is changed.

Once the oil filter is changed, the new oil can be added to the car’s engine. Be sure to choose the type of oil that will give the best performance according to the car’s age, mileage, and engine type.

Checking on the oil cap will list the type of oil that is best. Most generally, it will take anywhere between 4 to 5 quarts of oil. Once the oil has been changed, replace the oil cap. Although this seems easy enough, access to the oil filter and oil plug in some of the newer models may be a little more difficult to access.

Changing oil is a rather messy job, and can be a little time consuming. The cost of the do-it-yourself oil change is more inexpensive than taking it somewhere to have it changed.

However, if you are not engine savvy, or you do not want to get a bit dirty, you may want to opt for the extra expense and taking it somewhere to have it changed. Here you can find coupons for oil change and cut your cost. Oil changes are essential to the maintenance of a car’s engine, so have it done regularly. We prepared the illustrated PDF guide How To Do An Oil Change . Enjoy!