High Mileage Oil Change

Motor oil is used to lubricate the engine of your vehicle as well as help keep the engine running cool, prevent corrosion and clean gunk and debris from the motor. Typically it is expected that an oil change takes place every few thousand miles that you drive. This is true when using traditional mineral-based oils. However, if you are someone who wants to go longer between changes without damaging the performance of your vehicle, high mileage oil is available. A high mileage oil change allows you to travel greater distances between oil changes without worry that your engine will suffer.

Should you use High Mileage Oil?

High mileage oil is designed to provide extra care for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles on the odometer, however even newer, low mileage cars can benefit from the oil. If you are driving an older vehicle or have missed out on a few oil change visits, requesting that a high mileage oil change be performed on your car is a good idea. Here you can check high mileage oil change price at Walmart auto centers.

How can your Vehicle Benefit from High Mileage Oil Changes?

The specialty motor oil used for a high mileage oil change offers additives that sets it apart from the other oils that are available. The oil contains special additives that seal conditioners and clean additives, with 16% more cleaning additives than what is found in traditional oil. When using this specialty oil you can help reduce sludge and despots as well as help prevent leaks and reduces the friction of parts rubbing.

Scheduling a High Mileage Oil Change

Although a special type of oil, finding a company to provide a high mileage oil change is just as easy as it is to find a company offering a regular oil change. If you have an oil change company that you regularly use, contact them regarding this oil change. Chances are good they’ll be able to help you out with your request.

If you do not have a company that you usually take your vehicle to for an oil change, contact a company that you trust. There are many different locations in which you can find an oil change, all dependent upon your preferences. Inquire of this high mileage oil change before you go, but rest assured that they can provide you with the services that you want and need. Here you can find high mileage oil change price list.

The cost of a high mileage oil change will cost a bit more than what the traditional oil change will cost you, however for those who can benefit from it, that small amount is well worth it. There are several ways that you can reduce these amounts, including with the use of coupons and special promotions for oil change. It is also a good idea to look for companies that are offering sales and special deals on their specialty oil changes.

Taking care of your vehicle is something that you must-do if you want to get the most out of the car. Something as simple as scheduling a high-mileage oil change can provide your vehicle the care and comfort that it needs to last as long as it should.