Oil Change In Houston Locations And Prices

In Houston, there are a couple of places where one can get oil change services at great prices.

The first place that one can get an oil change in Houston is at Jiffy Lube. This company offers additional services such as inspecting your car, checking and cleaning essential parts of the car and many others. It will cost about $ 40 and above to get oil change at Jiffy Lube but you can find some usefull oil change discounts.

Jiffy Lube International, Inc
P.O. Box 4427
Houston, TX 77210-4458

Another place to have an oil change in Houston is at the River Oaks Automotive Center which is a company that has been in the industry for over 16 years.

This is a full house shop that offers most automotive services including oil change. At this place, it would cost someone around $35 to $45 to get an oil change.

This place operates all five days of the week with an exception of the weekend. Anyone in Houston can drive up here to get the oil change keep their car in good shape.
River Oaks Automotive Center
3800 W Alabama
Houston, TX77027


Adolf Hoepfl & Son Garage is another location where one can get oil change in Houston. Whether one is a resident of Houston or was driving by but needed to have their car checked, they can drive to this garage that is a family owned business and get the services they need including oil change at about $40.

This garage only works from Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm only. It costs about $50 for an oil change here.
Adolf Hoepfl & Son Garage
4610N. Shepherd Dr,
Houston, TX 77018
(713) 695-5071
FAX (713) 694-7387


Mobil 382 is another station that is located in Houston where drivers can get their oil change and several other related services for their car. Oil change costs about $60 at this station.

This station sells gasoline and has a convenience store also that the driver can buy a soft drink while waiting for their car to be ready.

The station operates the convenience store on a 24 hour basis as well as selling gas and operating six days straight – Monday through to Saturday from 7:00 am to 6:00pm.

Mobil 382
Houston, TX 77027
(713) 621-1055


Braes Hill Shell is another station in Houston, Texas where they offer quite a full range of car maintenance services and repairs for drivers in Houston.

This company has qualified ASE Certified Technicians that when working on a driver’s car they give their best to ensure that the car performance is improved and maintained at optimum levels.

They offer computer diagnostic services and oil changes among others. An oil change is done for about $60 at this station.
Braes Hill Shell
9106 Hillcroft Street
Houston, TX 77096
(713) 722-5079