Quick Oil Change – Answers You Need To Know

quick oil change

The majority of oil change companies do offer a quick oil change service. In fact, a good amount of oil change companies are “quick lubes” that specialize solely on quick oil changes.

Quick Oil Change

Even so, there are still some companies that do not offer quick oil change services or require an appointment for service. The quick lubes have two levels at the top and the bottom.

The man on top is in charge of everything from checking all fluids to adding oil to adjusting a pressure in tires. The man on the bottom is in charge of draining the oil, replacing the filter and greasing the bearings.

All of this is done in a matter of 6 to 8 minutes for gas-powered vehicles and about 13 to 20 minutes on diesel vehicles. The size of the vehicle, the size of the motor and whether the vehicle is gas powered or diesel, all play a huge role in the time it takes to have a quick oil change done.

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For example, an oil change on says a Geo Metro may not take as long as the oil change on a Chevrolet Duramax. The average quick oil change price for a gas powered vehicle is about $45 – $55 and around $75 – $80 for diesel.

The price of an oil change when regular oil is used will be significantly higher than when synthetic oil is used. Many coupons are available at almost any oil change company. These coupons vary; some are for a certain percentage off the bill or an item in the store, others maybe buy one get one free. Gift certificates are also available at many quick oil change places.

Quick Oil Change Near Me

Oil manufacturers offer oil change coupons. The frequency of oil changes over the years has been set to one number 3,000 miles. But that has all changed due to the quality of oil in the present is higher than the quality of oil in the past many car manufacturers now recommend as high as 5,000 – 7,000 miles before changing the oil.

quick lube oil changeOil manufacturers even exceed those recommendations and go as high as 10,000 miles before changing the oil. All though most mechanics still hold to the traditional 3,000-mile rule.

Of course, more than just recommendations have to be put into consideration for when to change the oil. The age of the car the number of miles the car has on it is both big factors that can affect the oil change date. This is why changing the oil every 3,000 miles is a safe and time-tested recommendation.