Tire Rotation Cost

If you don’t know, tire rotations are a necessary evil. But then, you don’t have to rotate them too often. Tire rotations are needed after every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. The idea behind tire rotation is to get maximum use out of the four tires.

It will result in the tires lasting longer than usual because you will be moving the tires around, allowing them to wear evenly. As a result, they will last up to the mileage suggested by the car manufacturer. To put it in simple words, tire rotation involves moving the tires from one place to another to ensure even wear and tear on them.

Why is Tire Rotation Extremely Important?

To some point, you might have already understood the importance of timely tire rotation. Let’s dig deeper into the explanation part for your better understanding. Generally, the front tires bear most of the car’s weight.

Believe it or not, as much as sixty percent of the car’s weight is borne by the front tires.

Not to mention that U-turns and parallel parking put extra stress on the front tires. Also, it’s believed that most car drivers take left turns faster than right turns, which puts extra stress on the right front tire. As a result, they wear out sooner than the rear tires.

what is the average cost of the car tire rotation

All of this leads to the obvious conclusion that car tires end up with uneven wear and tear. A proper tire rotation equalizes everything, which is achieved by changing the positions of the tires.

What Is The Average Price Of Tire Rotation?

If you take your car to a local garage to equalize the wear and tear on the tires, they will charge you anywhere between $20 to $125. The work needed is minimal, which is why there’s not a lot of cash exchange involved. Of course, no parts are needed too. So, it costs them literally nothing.

Auto CenterPrice
Mr. Tire
$40 – $80
Pep Boys
$55 – $95
Your Mechanic
$60 – $100
Midas$70 – $125

Therefore, don’t be surprised if the job is done for free, at the time of new tire purchase. That said, many auto repair shops look at a tire rotation assignment as an opportunity to find many flaws in your vehicle.

So, you might be taking your car for a mere tire rotation job and end up getting your oil changed, or axle fixed. If you surrender to any of these upsells, expect to spend a lot more than the amount quoted above.

What is the Exact Interval for Tire Rotation?

As mentioned earlier, tires need to be rotated every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. The most ideal answer will be found in the vehicle manual because the suggested interval differs from one car to another. It also depends a lot on driving habits.

As expected, well-cared tires will obviously not wear down as excessively as daily driven car tires. Unfortunately, most vehicle owners don’t pay attention to the tires until they go flat.

The suggested mileage aside, it helps to get your car tires checked every time you visit an auto repair store for an oil change.

Keep in mind that nothing drastic will happen if you don’t rotate your tires. But then, your drive won’t be as comfortable as it should be. Worst yet, you might also hear some noises.

Tire Rotation Procedure Explained

A proper tire rotation job won’t take a lot of time for an experienced car mechanic. That said, tires are freaking heavy, so some effort would be needed to jack them up to get started with the tire rotation procedure. As such, the process involves removing all the tires and putting them on a machine to inspect the wear and tear.

Then, the tires are fitted back to the vehicle, rotating them to a different spot than what a car owner brought them in.

Important Pointer: Usually, the front tires are switched with the rear tires. That said, the switch may be performed in some other way based on what will prolong the life of the tires.

However, not all cars out there may have the same front and rear tires. In such cars, you won’t be able to switch the front tires with the rear ones. So, the tire switch is car-based to a certain extent.

how much will i pay for tires rotation

Also, one should bear in mind that the tire rotation time is the perfect time to get the wheel balanced checked up as well.

How to Save Money on Tire Rotation?

A tire rotation can be done for free, provided you get it done from where you bought the tires. Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule. So, get it checked before you pay a visit.

If your free tire rotation request is not being entertained, you can do it yourself, of course, this would be free too because you won’t charge yourself for your own labor. The best part is that it will take you no more than 20-25 minutes to get the job done.

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