Brake Line Repair Cost 2024

A brake line does a vital job of carrying brake fluid from the master cylinder to where it’s needed, i.e., various brake parts, which allows you to stop your car quickly, easily, and safely at a moment’s notice.

As everyone knows, this is an absolute necessity to prevent a high-drama collusion.

So, a brake line is needed not only for smooth operation but also for your personal safety. After all, if a brake line fails, the entire braking system will fail. In other words, all brake issues deserve immediate attention on any given day of the week.

How Much Does Brake Line Repair Cost?

Typically, brake lines are made out of steel to keep the costs down. But then, the steel ones are prone to catch rust, especially during colder months. To keep them rust and corrosion-free, you would be better off choosing brake lines made out of copper-nickel as opposed to steel.

Of course, the cost would shoot up in this case.

However, the price difference wouldn’t be jaw-dropping at all. As such, a repair job of this nature costs between $150 to $250. The brake line by itself would cost $25 to $60. The rest would be labor costs, ranging from $100 to $200.

Auto CenterPrice
Walmart$35 - $160
NAPA$110 - $230
Pep Boys$30 - $215
Your Mechanic$75 - $250

Ideally, you should get the brake lines checked after the first 1,00,000 miles. After the first check-up, you need to get them checked every 30,000 miles.

Important Information: Please note that the prices quoted above are for one brake line, and your car may have up to four brake lines, which means that you will have to multiply the figure quoted above by four. Of course, you may or may not have to replace all four of them at once.

It really depends on their condition. For you to know how many brake lines your car has, you need to take a look at the car’s product manual. Alternatively, you can check this thing out by paying a visit to a local mechanic.

What are the Signs of Trouble to Watch out for?

  • Leakage: When the brake line reaches a point of degradation, you will notice brake fluid dripping from your car. Generally speaking, rubber brake lines leak before steel brake lines.
  • Brake Light: As hinted earlier, a faulty brake line will cause severe brake fluid loss, which can prompt the brake light to come on, alerting you of possible brake issues.
  • Spongy Brake: If the brake pedal feels squishy or spongy, it could be a sign of a cracked or leaking brake line. This usually happens when the lost fluid is replaced by air.

Brake Line Repair Procedure Explained

You can do the repair yourself, but you will get pretty dirty in the process. Not to undermine the fact that a faulty brake line can cause an accident. In other words, your future breath depends on the repair job. So, you can’t really be casual about it. As such, the procedure is pretty straightforward, but attention to detail is needed.

The overall time taken for the job is no more than 1-2 hours. The mechanic will first examine the car to see what problems the car has. Upon detecting the problem, a mechanic will remove the existing brake line and replace it with a new one.

During the process, the mechanic will flush out the fluid from the brake line. Caught up air will be cleared as well for the newly fitted brake line to perform at an optimum level. Usually, the mechanic will replace all the flexible brake lines at once because all the brake lines experience the same abuse or use.

Of course, if the unaffected brake line is a relatively new one, then the mechanic won’t bother replacing it. Before handing over the car to you, the car technician will confirm that your car is running smoothly.

How to Save Money on Brake Line Repair Cost?

We wouldn’t recommend you to get under the car to do the repair yourself unless you have relevant experience that counts because of how vital your car brakes are. Seriously, you can’t have any room for errors. This isn’t to say that all your hopes for saving money on brake line repair costs are lost.

Believe it or not, if you compare prices between different auto car mechanics, you will be surprised at how much money you are able to save.

So, get your phone and dial the digits of the nearby auto repair shops to obtain quotes from them. Compare their prices and choose a trusted car care shop that can get the job done at a reasonable price point.

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