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Car issues can really push our buttons. Without warnings, our car can stop in the middle of the street or even leak fluids that will look somewhat like dinosaur vomit. Of course, a major car repair can easily eat up half our monthly salary or even more. Gladly enough, tire patch repairs aren’t very expensive.

But then, here’s the catch. You can’t afford to ignore the issue for too long. Basically, a singular problem can multiply easily. This is to say that an unattended flat tire can cause damage to the rims. Needless to say, this will cause you to spend more on repairs. As most of you might already know, it’s usually our car running over sharp objects that cause the tire to go flat. Sometimes, it might be impossible to spot the small nail, screw, or broken glass stuck to the tire, causing the puncture to go severe even before you notice a problem.

Why Should You Use a Tire Patch?

How Much Does It Cost To Patch a Tire?If you drive along with a flat tire for long, the destruction can at times be beyond repair. So, the bets are literally off in such cases. Just so that you know, overinflating the tires can also lead to a flat tire. In the majority of the cases, though, a nail or a sharp object turns out to be the real villain in the story. So, it’s not even your fault in most flat tire situations. In the event of a flat tire, you are expected to halt your car or at least drive at a slower pace. If the tire has a decent tread life left, you will be able to repair it for reuse.

As hinted earlier, a tire patch can be so effective that it will save you from the major expense of purchasing a new tire. Basically, you will be able to reuse the tire for its full life.

How Much Does a Tire Patch Cost?

Most auto repair shops charge around 25 bucks for a tire patch service. Not a big bang, right? In fact, you can get away by spending even $15. This is assuming that you were able to detect the puncture early on. If you decide to get a new tire, some shops might not charge you for a tire patch.

Can You Do It Yourself?

Of course, you can also do the tire patch yourself with the help of a simple toolbox. These days, car repair tools are easily available in the market for $10 to $20. Given the time involved, the savings aren’t huge. So, it’s better to get the necessary job done by a professional. Also, it’s not as easy as it looks to fix a puncture hole.

In fact, even price comparison won’t be of great help in tire patch repair scenarios. So, you can almost take your car anywhere. But, the technician should know what he is doing. Someone who doesn’t know the correct procedure or is not paying attention can easily mess up. In case of multiple punctures, they can miss one or more punctures.

Important Note: Ideally, you should get a new tire when you find out that the damaged tire will require more than a simple tire patch work. If the accompanying tire is nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s better to replace both the front or back tires at the same time.

When to Use a Tire Patch?

Just because a tire patch doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, it should not be the go-to solution at all times. To use a tire patch, the puncture should not be more than a quarter-inch. It’s also important to know that you won’t be able to use a tire patch if the puncture is on the sidewall/shoulder of the tire because it will compromise the structural integrity of the tire. Basically, you can safely use a tire patch if the puncture is less than a quarter-inch, and it’s between the tire treads and not on the sidewall of the tire.

If the puncture is too big to be fixed by a tire patch, car technicians will also inform you about it, which will allow you to consider other options. Frankly speaking, they are accustomed to dealing with issues of this nature. So, they may advise you to consider new tires to avoid serious damage.

This should also explain why some shops do it for free. If the damage is on the shoulder or sidewall, they will decline to repair it. Since you are already at their premises, they will pitch you a replacement tire. The thought process is pretty simple over here. It’s like, what better way to get a customer to a shop? Whenever the tire is non-repairable, there’s a chance of an upsell.

How Long Does It Take To Patch a Tire?

Even if there’s a need for a repair, it’s not a labor-intensive job. In most cases, their trained technicians can get the tire patched in literally no time. In fact, even an average mechanic can do a job of this nature in 15-odd minutes. If the tire needs re-balancing, it’s going to take more time, though. Yes, the multi-step process can increase the total time involved in the repair procedure. You might also be asked to pay for the re-balancing part.

How Long Can a Patch Last On a Tire?

Well, it can last for a few years or even a lifetime. Seriously, you can get a good life out of a tire patch. But then, the same tire should not be patched more than once. After all, frequent tire patches can have some negative consequences. It will affect the car’s speed ratings. Plus, it can cause blowouts.

Of course, you don’t need a trusted informer to tell you all of this. As expected, you can easily save a much worse disaster by fixing the punctured tire at the earliest.

Final Tip

Many new tires come with a road hazard agreement, which includes a tire patch for free. Of course, you will mostly have to visit the authorized shop to benefit from such a deal.

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