Window Motor Repair Cost

As the name hints, the window motor regulates the car’s window. It allows the car’s window to open and close without any fuss. Over time, the motor can fail, causing you to browse the web to explore the repair cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Window Motor?

Well, your search for the window motor repair cost ends right here. Generally speaking, the winter motor repair cost sits between $250 to $425. The labor cost is around $125 to $150. The part can cost almost twice, up to $250.

That said, the starting price of cheaper window motors can be as low as $100 as well. Of course, you will have to buy the part as per the make and model of your car. The owner manual will give you a good idea about the window motor unit needed for your car.

Auto CenterPrice
Walmart$115 - $215
Mr. Tire$190 - $420
Midas$175 - $425
NAPA$180 - $410
Your Mechanic$175 - $415

How To Repair a Window Motor?

Depending on the car you own, the repair procedure may vary a bit. To begin with, the car technician will remove the inner door trim panel. Following this, the door vapor barrier will be taken out. Then, the car technician will unhook the window from the regulator.

This will allow him to remove the regulator. Then, the damaged window motor will be taken out to be replaced with the new one. Once the new motor is fitted, everything else will be put back in place. Finally, the mechanic will test the windows to see if they are working normally.

Can You Drive with a Damaged Window Motor?

As such, you will be able to drive your car smoothly without a functional window motor. However, a few risks do exist. For instance, you might not be able to handle unpleasant weather if a faulty window motor is not allowing you to close the car’s window.

Yes, a non-operational motor can make your car’s window completely or partially disabled. You will notice that the windows aren’t cooperating while going up and down. They might freeze at one position or even shoot downward at a limitless speed.

In situations like this, you also run the risk of car theft. After all, an open window may seem like a welcoming sign for all the thieves in your area. At some point, they are bound to invade your car for the loot, causing you to regret your decision of not fixing a damaged window motor.

How To Save Money When Repairing a Window Motor?

In order to avoid the labor cost, you can rely on your DIY skills. But then, make sure that you are the fit person for the job. If the motor is accessed incorrectly, nearby components can get damaged easily. In scenarios like this, your exact words would be, “Why the heck did I even try this.”

So, don’t attempt a job that you can’t finish. You can try saving money by other means, though. The best money-saving approach would be to contact auto shops around your locality to see which shop will get the job done at the lowest price.

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