VCT Solenoid Replacement Cost

Positioned on the cylinder heads, the VCT Solenoid has a great role to play in a car’s wellbeing. For those who don’t know, it regulates the flow of oil inside the car, depending on the engine’s load and speed. A fully functional solenoid will not only improve a car’s performance but will also boost the fuel economy.

By the way, it is also called by a specific term VVT (Variable Valve Timing) Solenoid. So, don’t get confused by the terms at the time of part shopping. They both mean the same thing. No doubt, not everyone might know about this car component because the only time you might interact with this part is when it fails to do its job correctly.

Of course, a formal diagnoses procedure would usually be needed to find out the VCT solenoid problem with great certainty. The good news is that the VCT solenoid is one of the least expensive and easily replaceable car components.

How Much Does VCT Solenoid Replacement Cost?

For a replacement, you will have to pay between $75 to $400. Compared to what other crucial car components usually cost, it’s not a lot of money. Therefore, it’s advisable that you repair it as soon as it comes to your notice.
Of course, no matter what, you might need a cost split.

The labor on the replacement will cost around $25 to $150. For the part, be prepared to spend between $50 to $250. The make and model of your vehicle will determine how much the part will eventually cost you.

As such, the repair work is pretty straightforward. But, not always! In some cases, further repairs might prove to be a necessity. If you have been driving your car with a faulty solenoid for a long, it may have caused further damage to your car.

Can You Drive With a Faulty VCT Solenoid?

You can drive despite the VCT solenoid issue, but not for too long. At some point, it will cause major engine issues. So, don’t overlook a bad solenoid for too long. You might end up spending twice or thrice as much as you are trying to save.

How To Replace a VCT Solenoid?

As described earlier, it’s not a brain-frying affair to replace the old VCT Solenoid with a new one. Gladly enough, it is located at an easy to access location. So, you won’t even have to move a lot of parts to access it.

All you need to do is remove the old one and put the new one in its place. Once the new part is fitted in its place, you can take the car for a test ride. The test ride will help you ascertain whether the job was done correctly or not.

How To Save Money When Replacing VCT Solenoid?

As long as you have diagnosed the problem correctly, you can perform the work on your own to save labor costs. You can also supply the part on your own to maximize your savings. If you can’t perform the work on your own, be prepared to shop around for quotes to find a good deal for yourself.