Thermostat Replacement Cost

A thermostat is a small device that regulates the engine’s temperature. It enables the car’s engine to heat up to the desired temperature, and then stay at a constant temperature range for optimum performance.

If the thermostat malfunctions unexpectedly, the car’s engine will fail to achieve the desired operating temperature, causing it to affect the car’s overall performance. With the engine failing to operate at an optimum temperature, the engine will run too hot or too cold, due to which problems may arise.

In most modern cars, the engine light will turn on when it detects a problem with the thermostat. If the engine light has alerted you of a thermostat problem, do you know how much will it cost you to fix the issue? Keep reading to know the cost involved with a thermostat replacement.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Car Thermostat?

The cost that you will have to bear for thermostat replacement would fluctuate between $125 to $325, depending on the car you drive. Over here, the labor cost would be much higher than the cost of the part itself. You can get the part for anywhere between $40 to $75. The labor cost would be around $100 to $150.

Auto CenterPrice
Mr. Tire
Walmart$40 – $75
Your Mechanic

That said, the cost would be less if you combine it with other services. The good news is that a thermostat can last for a vehicle’s lifetime, despite being an inexpensive car component. So, you will have to think about replacing it only if it gets damaged by contamination, overheating, or by corrosion.

Since it doesn’t cost much, you can also consider replacing it when performing repairs on other cooling systems.

Can you Drive without a Functional Thermostat?

Although it can be done, it’s not a good idea to drive without a thermostat. After all, your car engine won’t perform at its optimum best, which can cause other car parts to go bad. Simply put, it’s not advisable to drive a car under its normal operating temperature.

Not to mention that your car will take a lot longer than usual to warm up, which means that you will have to drive very carefully to minimize wear and tear. In summary, you will only be increasing engine wear and tear by driving without a thermostat.

You are bound to shorten the engine’s lifespan. Of course, if it’s an emergency, where the thermostat is clogged, then you can drive up to a short distance to get to a safe spot. Otherwise, it’s not advisable to drive it with a faulty or missing thermostat.

Thermostat Replacement Benefits:

Getting this issue fixed at the earliest will allow you to drive smoothly. Moreover, you will better return on your gas money. Yes, you certainly benefit from improved gas mileage. By replacing the faulty thermostat as soon as you suspect a problem with it, you can avoid costly repair.

As hinted earlier, a damaged thermostat can cause the engine to overheat, which can affect a lot of surrounding parts. So, make arrangements to fix the damaged thermostat as soon as the thermostat warning light turns on.

Important Pointers: When the thermostat malfunctions, it may be stuck closed or open. A closed thermostat may cause the engine to overheat to the point where you won’t be able to drive the vehicle. In such a situation, you will have no choice but to tow the vehicle for immediate repair. If the thermostat is stuck open, the car’s engine will run cold, but you will be able to drive the vehicle at the cost of compromised gas mileage and cool air omission from the heater. As you can tell, it will still require your attention, but it won’t be an emergency situation.

Thermostat Replacement Procedure Explained:

  • First and foremost, the mechanic will allow the engine to cool down completely to eliminate the risk of finger burns.
  • Next, he will loosen the radiator cap to drain out the coolant. Then, the thermostat will be removed.
  • If the thermostat housing turns out to an integral part of the thermostat, then it will be replaced as well.
  • Once the old thermostat is removed, the mechanic will clean the engine, following which he will fit the new thermostat.
  • Then, he will refill the coolant, and the entire cooling system will be bled of all the air.
  • Finally, the mechanic will test the car to ensure that the vehicle won’t cause further issues when driving.

Thermostat Replacement Cost: How to Save Money?

You can save money by doing the thermostat replacement yourself. You can easily find the parts you need both online or offline without any fuss. Of course, it should not just be in your head that you can get the job done correctly.

You should actually have some experience in this kind of repair/replacement job. If not, you can leave the job to the car experts. You can still save some money by obtaining quotes from many repair shops in your area.

After obtaining quotes from numerous shops in your area, you can shortlist a trusted mechanic that agrees to provide low rates but better-quality service. Needless to say, the most economical solution is to replace the thermostat before it fails.

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