Blower Motor Replacement Cost

The blower motor is the chief component of a car’s cooling and heating system. It ensures proper air circulation inside a vehicle. Upon damage, the blower motor can affect the car’s air conditioning unit. Consequently, you won’t feel nice and cozy inside the car.

How Much Does a Blower Motor Replacement Cost?

No matter what you may have been told, there’s no easy way to tell how much a blower motor replacement will cost. As you might know, some cars are expensive to treat. We can give you a price range, though. Ideally, you can expect an expense of anywhere between $200 to $500 for both the parts and service.

Auto CenterPrice
Walmart$60 - $205
Your Mechanic$135 - $400
NAPA$150 - $490
Midas$175 - $485
Mr. Tire$160 - $475

The cost difference won’t make a lot of sense to everyone. So, here is the explanation. The scale of damage and the type of car you own can influence the cost of repair significantly. Aside from all of this, the shop you take your car to for repair can also determine the cost of repairs.

That said, we recommend that you take your car to a trustworthy mechanic because the mechanic will have to look under the car’s hood to diagnose the issue. Given the preliminary work involved in the diagnosis, one can’t really afford to take their car from one repair center to another for price comparison.

Can you Drive with a Damaged Blower Motor?

As such, it’s not a severe problem, which will leave you strangled on the road in the middle of a regular day. A damaged blower motor will impact the drive quality, though. This is to say that you won’t enjoy your ride as much as before because of the faulty motor affecting the air circulation inside the vehicle.

Important Pointers

A proper diagnosis is a must to determine the root cause of the issue and to evaluate the nature of the damage. Sometimes, a bad connector can result in the blower motor not functioning well, even when there is no issue with the blower motor, itself.

How Does Blower Motor Replacement Procedure Work?

In some cars, it’s a fairly simple procedure. The mechanic will just get the old blower motor out and install a new one in its place. But then, not all cars are easy to fix. So, replacing the motor won’t always be a straightforward process.

Depending on the car, the mechanic might have to remove the dashboard, steering column, and other parts to access the blower motor. All of this will involve a lot of time and effort. In scenarios where the work is extensive, the cost of repair will also creep up. It’s probably best to fix the blower motor when it starts failing.

So, How To Save Money?

As expected, a quick fix will prevent the damaged blower motor from causing further damage. Because you will be preventing additional damage, it will equate to some savings too as you won’t have to tell the mechanic to fix a lot of parts. Additionally, you can try to source the motor on your own.

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