Transmission Solenoid Replacement Cost

Transmission issues require swift attention. It’s usually the solenoid within the transmission that malfunctions, causing the gears to not function properly. For those who don’t know, a failed transmission solenoid can cause soft, hard, or delayed gear shifts. At first, the issue doesn’t immobilize the vehicle completely.

But, it definitely limits the car’s speed to a great extent. Just so that you know, the engine light gets triggered to warn you of the transmission solenoid problem. So, there is a red flag to alert you of the issue at hand. Ideally, you should fix or replace the solenoid as soon as any issue is detected with it.

Problems with gears aside, you might also see other hiccups, such as a significant drop in gas mileage, unexpected speed bursts, engine not firing properly, and so on.

How Much Does Transmission Solenoid Replacement Cost?

If the transmission solenoid problem is left untreated for too long, it can pose a safety risk. Plus, it can damage other parts, forcing you to spend more in the process. For the record, the average cost to diagnose and replace a transmission solenoid is around $150 to $400.

The part comes cheap. It’s the labor cost that bumps the price significantly. Each solenoid will cost you anywhere between $10 to $100. The rest will go towards the labor cost. You might say, but why so much for labor fees for a few hours of work? Frankly speaking, the car technician will have to clear a lot of parts to reach the solenoid.

Because the gears are involved, he will have to work really meticulously. Keep in mind that the solenoids are also connected to the car’s computer. So, he will also have to work on the car’s computer activities at the time of the new solenoid installation.

How Can You Improve the Life of the Transmission Solenoid?

You can easily stretch the life of a transmission solenoid by changing the transmission fluid in a timely manner. This will prevent premature ruining of the transmission solenoid.

You can find out the factory-recommended fluid change interval by checking the owner’s manual. A local mechanic will also be able to guide you on this matter.

How To Save Money On a Transmission Solenoid Replacement?

We were expecting a question of this sort. Well, you can change the transmission solenoid on your own. But what about the hard work? And, do you have the required technical skills? To be honest, this isn’t a typical car DIY project of yours. Unless you are a mechanically inclined person, stay away from taking a job of this nature.

You could damage a lot of surrounding components, which can be expensive to repair. In short, you might just open the floodgates for expenses. That said, you can still save money on transmission solenoid replacement by other means. The cost-saving solution is to compare prices from many auto repair centers.

Because the labor cost is quite high, you might see a significant price gap between two auto care repair centers. For additional savings, you can also source the part yourself.