Crankshaft Replacement Cost

The crankshaft or crank is an important portion of the engine, which causes the pistons to go up and down. In conjunction with the engine, it turns the wheels of a car. Without it, a car won’t go too far.

What Are The Symptoms Of a Faulty Crankshaft?

When a crankshaft goes bad, you will have difficulty starting your car. Your car will start with a lot of drama and trauma, or it may not start at all. If it starts, you will find the acceleration far slower than usual.

As such, the engine light will turn on, indicating that there is some problem with your car. A good mechanic will be able to scan the car quickly to tell you whether or not the crankshaft is at fault. If you are excellent with car repairs, you can also do the inspection yourself.

But, it’s unlikely that you will be able to replace the crankshaft on your own. It’s worth calling an auto repair shop to fix the issue. Keep in mind that the longer you drive with a damaged crankshaft, the more expensive things will get for you. After all, a damaged crankshaft will negatively affect other parts. Therefore, it’s important that you address crankshaft-related issues at the earliest.

How Much Does a Crankshaft Replacement Cost?

A new crankshaft installation is a lot of work. The mechanics will be tired, sweaty, and even annoyed to some extent because the entire engine is removed and reassembled at the time of new crankshaft replacement.

This should tell you that it’s not going to be a wallet-suitable affair for most of us. It’s not just the labor; the part costs a bomb too. Expect the labor cost to start at $300. And, it can go up to 1 grand, depending on the mechanic chosen for the job. The crankshaft by itself will cost you around $500 to $2500+.

Auto CenterPrice
Walmart$450 - $850
Midas$1750 - $2500
Your Mechanic $1600 - $2350
Pep Boys$1500 - $2650
NAPA$1720 - $2700

Even the least expensive crankshaft sells for a few hundred dollars. By all means, it’s definitely a wallet-destroying affair to fix a damaged crankshaft. If it’s just a repair and not a replacement, you might get away by not spending money on the replacement part. But then, you will still have to bear the high labor cost because a crankshaft repair is a tedious process too.

Money-Saving Tips on Crankshaft Replacement

Given how complex the job is, you shouldn’t try to repair or replace the crankshaft on your own. Even semi-experienced mechanics will quickly learn that they are comically bad at fixing this issue. Nevertheless, you can note down the prices from different shops in your area to see who is providing the best value for your money.

As you might know, the labor rates will vary greatly from one shop to another. You can also check in advance whether the shop will accept the necessary part supplied by you. If you search around on your own, you will most likely be able to source the part at a cheaper rate than what the shop was going to charge you.

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