Rear Main Seal Replacement Cost

A mechanical seal is an engine leakage control device. Its existence inside the car ensures no leakage of liquids and gases into the environment. If it malfunctions for any rhyme or reason, expect an oil leak on any given day. Given how crucial its role is, it typically requires an emergency fix.

Yes, a car owner will have to act fast, or else the leakage will cause substantial damage to the engine in the middle of a usual day. If ignored, further repairing would be needed. As such, a lot can happen to the rear main seal during its normal course. It can deteriorate or even shrink with age. Any damage to the transmission can also affect the seal.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Rear Main Seal?

To identify the issue, you will have to look for oil leaks under your car. An oil light indicator or the burning smell of fuel can also alert you of the issue. Unless you do all the car repairs on your own, you would be interested in knowing the repair cost for replacing the rear main seal. Let’s tell you the cost of repair.

How Much Does Rear Main Seal Replacement Cost?

The cost would vary depending on the work needed to fix the issue. This means motorists will eventually suffer from the problem of a significant price difference in labor costs. If it’s a quick fix for one vehicle doesn’t mean that it will be a quick fix for another too. The amount of work needed would vary. Hence, the labor cost will also vary.

Generally speaking, one would be required to spend anywhere between $600 to $900 to fix an issue of this nature. So, it’s not going to be a cheap affair. As hinted earlier, the labor cost will give you every ounce of trouble it can. Seriously, the labor rates can easily go up to $800. The part won’t cost you more than $50.

Can You Fix Rear Main Seal On Your Own?

Frankly speaking, you shouldn’t even think of taking this route. Expertise aside, you would need a lot of specialized tools to replace the rear main seal of your car. From a transmission jack to an engine stand and more, even most local garages may not have all the tools on hand to replace the rear main seal quickly and efficiently.

Everything considered; trying to fix this thing on your own might prove to be a nightmare in its own rights. It’s a good idea to get a fair price and leave the job to the experts. That said, not all rear main seal damages can be severe. Sometimes, the seal just needs a bit of reconditioning and not a complete replacement.

In scenarios when reconditioning can fix the issue, you can get a rear main sealer from a local automotive store to stop the leak from the main seal.

How To Save Money on Rear Main Seal Replacement?

Because you wouldn’t normally be fixing an issue of this nature on your own, not a lot of saving options are available at your disposal. It’s an obvious point but still needs to be mentioned sometimes.

Our best advice would be to compare prices from different mechanics in your area. Needless to say, price comparison will allow you to settle for the best deal.