Canister Purge Valve Replacement Cost

This car component’s job is to tackle excess emissions and fuel vapors. If it fails, the excess fuel vapors and emissions will make their way into the atmosphere as opposed to being purged back to the car’s engine.

Basically, the Canister Purge Valve is an important emissions control device. It can be operated electronically or through a vacuum. The engine light usually illuminates if there is an issue with the purge valve.

What Are the Symptoms of a Faulty Canister Purge Valve?

As such, there are a lot of symptoms that might alert you of a failing purge valve.

  • You will notice that the car is idling at a much lower RPM than usual.
  • You will also have trouble starting the car because of a vacuum leak.
  • Your fuel mileage won’t be the same as before. It will take a hit.
  • As described earlier, the car’s engine light will turn on.

If you are cautious enough, you will be able to catch the problem at the beginning itself, preventing it from magnifying further. You could save your money by early treatment.

Of course, you won’t figure out the true reason unless a mechanic inspects your vehicle because some of the symptoms mentioned above can clash with other car issues.

The person inspecting the car will usually detect the problem by looking at the fault code (s). The fault code (s) will help one identify if the problem is purge value-related or something else.

How Much Does it Cost To Replace the Canister Purge Valve?

As such, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get the canister purge valve replaced. Most shops charge anywhere between $100 to $175 for a repair of this sort.

Parts and Labor Cost

For the most part, it’s a straightforward procedure. So, the labor cost won’t exceed $50. On the other hand, the part will cost almost double the labor fees ($70 to $120).

If a shop gives you a higher price, feel free to decline it. As described earlier, not a lot of work is involved in the process. So, why pay someone a small fortune? You might have to fork out more money for additional repairs only if the work involved is more. This would depend on the extent of damage caused by a faulty purge valve.

If it’s just the engine light illuminating on the dashboard, you can get away with a small price. However, black smoke coming out of the exhaust could be a sign that more damage has already occurred.

So the sooner you get the issue fixed, the more likely you will avoid a serious problem. As they say, “The sooner, the better.” This logic really applies over here.

So, How To Save Money On Canister Purge Valve Replacement?

Replacing the Canister Purge Valve on your own is a very doable affair. So, you can save all the labor fees by performing the purge valve replacement on your own.

Another viable option would be to compare prices from different auto repair centers to ultimately choose a shop that will get the job done at the lowest price.