Pressure Control Solenoid Replacement Cost

Have you never heard of this car component before? Unless you are a car technician, we don’t blame you for not knowing everything about the car you are driving. Anyways, we will introduce you to pressure control solenoid as the topic revolves around this car component.

The solenoid helps you shift the vehicle’s gears. Of course, not every gear problem is related to the pressure control solenoid. But then, a non-functional solenoid can make it impossible to change gears. All of this should tell you that it’s a very crucial car component. Not paying attention to it when it’s not functioning at its best would mean a great life risk. After all, you should have the ability to change gears at your will and wish.

How Much Does a Pressure Control Solenoid Replacement Cost?

Coming to the cost part, you will feel relieved to know that pressure control solenoid replacements don’t cost a lot, even in today’s age and time. You can get away by spending anywhere between $60 to $350. This is assuming that you don’t have a need to replace multiple solenoids.

Auto CenterPrice
Mr. Tire$150-$320
Your Mechanic$185-$350

Yes, the repair cost can bump up if many solenoids have failed at the same time. Sometimes, the entire set needs to be changed, which can cause the invoice amount to shoot up to $700. Just so that you know, a single solenoid costs between $10 to $100. The labor cost will fluctuate between $50 to $75 per hour, depending on the mechanic chosen for the job. It should ideally take between 2 to 4 hours to perform the entire procedure.

Of course, the time taken would be marginally less for a single solenoid replacement.

Pressure Control Solenoid Replacement Procedure

The mechanic will first locate the solenoid. Then, he will empty the transmission fluid. The mechanic will use an oil pan to catch the draining fluid while he takes out the transmission fluid reservoir. Once the container is taken out, the mechanic will be able to access the solenoid easily.

Depending on how many solenoids are damaged, the mechanic will remove one or all the solenoids that need to be replaced. During the process, the mechanic will match all the solenoids with the corresponding electric wires. Once the new solenoids are in place, the transmission fluid will be refilled, and the fluid container will be put back in place.

How To Save Money?

If you are keen on saving money on pressure control solenoid replacement, you need to do the job on your own. Of course, this advice would be suitable for someone who enjoys working on his vehicle. For others, it’s not worth the risk. You are dealing with an expensive part.

Any negligence due to lack of interest or knowledge can backfire in a big way. You can cut the repair cost by other means, though, like by comparing costs from various shops.

You can also buy the necessary part from certain relevant websites that sell car parts. By shopping on your own, you will probably find a better deal than what the mechanics in your area are charging you for the car parts.

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