Throttle Body Replacement Cost

The throttle body is a crucial car component that regulates the amount of air flowing into the car’s engine. If the throttle body fails to do its job well, you can expect poor performance from your car on any given day. Of course, your car won’t start dancing on the streets. But then, it won’t dazzle you with its performance like before.

What Are The Signs Of a Faulty Throttle Body?

As to what problems you can experience with a bad throttle body, here’s a look.

  • Your fuel mileage will take a hit, causing you to spend more money than usual on gas.
  • Acceleration will be totally unreliable, causing you to not feel as safe as before.
  • Your car will also idle quicker than usual.

In some cars, throttle body issues can be quite common. Over time, dirt and moisture can cause the throttle body to go bad. On the bright side of things, this car part may never fail, even during the entire lifespan of a car.

Yes, you may never need a replacement, depending on the car you own. Nevertheless, here’s a quick overview of the cost involved in the repair.

How Much Does a Throttle Body Replacement Cost?

Frankly speaking, the throttle body cannot be fixed/replaced at a budget price. The repair cost will sit anywhere between $300 to $1500. Needless to say, the cost of repair can be somewhat higher or lower too, depending on where you live. To some extent, the cost will also vary depending on your car’s model.

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How Does a Throttle Body Replacement Procedure Work?

Like with any other car repairs, the mechanic will first put his detective abilities to the test. This is to say that he will try to get to the root cause of the issue. To begin with, the car’s ECU will be analyzed to see whether or not there is a code-related issue. Then, the throttle body itself will be inspected.

If there is an issue with it, the throttle body will be removed and replaced with a new one. Any dirt and residue inside the air intake system will also be cleaned. A good mechanic will inspect the surrounding parts too and advise you of necessary repairs (if required). Once everything is done, the car will be taken out for a test drive.

Important Note: In most cars, the throttle body is located on top of the engine or in an easily locatable place. But then, some cars make it difficult to access the throttle body. In such a scenario, the replacement procedure will be more difficult than usual.

You will also be presented with a higher invoice amount because of the additional labor involved in the process of fixing the issue.

How To Save Money on Throttle Body Replacement?

If you take the DIY route, you will be able to save all the labor fees involved in the process. You can also save a decent chunk by sourcing the throttle body on your own. Of course, the mechanic should be generous enough to accept the part sourced by you. So, make sure to check whether the mechanic is in agreement with your terms.

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