Fuel Injector Replacement Cost

The fuel injectors of today are built to last long. This isn’t to say that they will last a lifetime. At some point, you might have to replace them. Even if you are a careful man, you won’t always be able to protect the fuel injector from damage at all times. Rust, debris, and dirt particles can cause the fuel injector to go bad unexpectedly.

No doubt, your driving habits, weather, road conditions, and maintenance cycle also influence the fuel injector’s lifespan to a great extent. When the fuel injectors fail, the engine suffers because the engine doesn’t receive enough fuel to function properly. Practically speaking, your engine cannot get away with a bad fuel injector for long.

How Much Does Fuel Injector Replacement Cost?

You will have to fork out around $250 to $350 for a replacement fuel injector. The typical labor cost would be anywhere between $100 to $150. The cost of the part will run between $150 to $200.

If one injector fails, you might feel compelled to replace all of them because they are designed to work together. Of course, full injector replacement will cost you more.

Depending on the car you own, the average cost will run somewhere between $800 to $1500. The labor cost would be minimal, around $200 to $300. The rest would be for the parts.

How Long do Fuel Injectors Last?

As described earlier, fuel injectors enjoy a long lifespan. On average, they last between 50,000 to 1,00,000 miles. Unexpectedly, they can even last up to 2,00,000+ miles. So, it’s impossible to predict accurately how long the fuel injectors in your car will last. If something happens to them, you will witness the following problems in your car:

  • Your car might stall anytime
  • The engine will vibrate a lot
  • The engine will also misfire
  • The engine light will turn on
  • Your car may leak fuel as well
  • The fuel economy will suffer too

As expected, it’s not safe to drive with a damaged fuel injector for countless miles due to the issues discussed above. When replacing the fuel injector, it’s also important to choose a reliable auto repair company. Just so that you know, the best defense for the fuel injector is the use of high-quality fuel.

While it’s not cost-effective, it will extend the life of your car.

How To Save Money On Fuel Injector Replacement?

You should try cleaning the fuel injector before taking your vehicle to the repair shop. Only if the problem is not fixed, you should go for a fuel injector replacement. The above approach will be easier on your wallet. Of course, the choice between repair and replacement would depend on the fuel injector’s condition.

To shave off some cost, you can try to supply the required part to the mechanic. No doubt, you should first check with the mechanic whether or not this approach would be acceptable. You can also explore the market for cheaper mechanics. The competition is stiff these days. So, some exploration can result in immense cost benefits.