Intake Manifold Repair Cost

For the record, the Intake Manifold directs the mixture of fuel and air to the right cylinder to fire the engine. It also prevents unfiltered air from reaching the engine. Above all, it reduces the temperature of the engine. As you can tell by now, the Intake Manifold works on many levels to ensure that the engine keeps working at its optimum capacity.

Without the Intake Manifold, some negative consequences won’t be out of the question. The engine could halt, stop, or even make weird sounds completely out of the blue. A faulty Intake Manifold can also affect the surrounding parts.

Therefore, it’s important that you replace the damaged Intake Manifold before it causes any glaring issues in your life. As with most car issues affecting the engine in some ways, your gas mileage will improve once you replace the faulty Intake Manifold with a new one. With cleaner air/fuel purification from the inside, your car will also run smoother than before. You will feel much safer too. Plus, your engine will feel relieved as well.

How Much Does it Cost To Repair Intake Manifold?

Coming to the cost involved with an Intake Manifold repair/replacement job, it’s not going to be easy on everyone’s wallet. Depending on the repair center you choose for the job, the cost usually starts from $400.
It can even go up to $65o. The part doesn’t cost a bomb.

The labor involved is a lot, though. Therefore, most shops charge anywhere between $300 to $425 for labor.
The part will cost you almost half or even less, around $75 to $150. Honestly speaking, we can’t fault the repair shops for the high labor cost because there’s a lot of work involved in Intake Manifold repair.

What Are the Symptoms of a Faulty Intake Manifold?

So how do you know if your Intake Manifold has given up on you? Like other car parts, the Intake Manifold wears out. In fact, its wearing is faster than other parts. Therefore, you should inspect it on a regular basis. If you wait too long to notice the issue, the problem will magnify, requiring you to spend twice or thrice on repairs.

Here are the symptoms to watch out for:

  • Issues with engine’s performance
  • Increase with engine’s temperature
  • Issues with a coolant leak

Even though you know the symptoms, get a confirmation from a mechanic before starting any treatment because even some other car issues come with the same symptoms.

How do you Save Money on Intake Manifold Repairment?

The intake manifold repairment is a lengthy job. Frankly speaking, it requires both special tools and expertise. Therefore, we don’t recommend inexperienced motorists attempting the work on their own. Such an attempt can backfire in a big way, causing a motorist to spend more on additional repairs.

That said, someone with experience can try replacing the Intake Manifold on his own to save cost.
An easier alternative would be to visit numerous auto repair centers at your convenience to obtain their prices for the repair. Once you have the prices handy, you can easily compare them to procure a good deal.