Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement Cost

An oil pressure sensor can last a lifetime. However, you will still need to keep a tab on it because the sensor can fail anytime. Ideally, you shouldn’t be driving with a malfunctioned oil pressure sensor for too long. At some point, it will cause more issues. In short, you are asking for more trouble by stretching this issue.

Without the oil pressure sensor doing its job, the low oil indicator won’t turn on. This means that you won’t know when your vehicle will run out of oil. Consequently, the metal parts that depend on the oil for lubrication will wear off sooner than usual.

To summarise, the sooner you fix the oil pressure issue, the lesser you will pay the mechanic for repairs.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Oil Pressure Sensor?

Few noticeable symptoms will easily alert you of an issue with the oil pressure sensor. Here are the signs to be cautioned about.

  • Oil pressure light turns on
  • Oil pressure light blinks constantly
  • Oil pressure gauge reading shows zero

How Much Does an Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement Cost?

Cost-wise, it’s not a lot. Mostly, the cost will run between $100 to $225, depending on the shop you visit. The labor fees would be around $60 to $90. The rest of it will go towards the part acquisition.

Auto CenterPrice
Walmart$35 - $120
Mr. Tire$65 - $220
Midas$70 - $225
Your Mechanic$80 - $220
NAPA$75 - $215

Frankly speaking, there’s not a lot of work involved in the repair process, which explains why the labor cost is not astronomical. Given how low the total repair cost is, there should be zero reasons for not fixing the issue at the earliest.

How Does an Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement Procedure Work?

As described earlier, it takes very little skill and time to replace the oil pressure sensor. So, you won’t have to auction off this car trouble to a mechanic. Yes, you can perform it on your own. To perform the job, you will simply have to unscrew the old sensor from its place to see what’s wrong with it. You will fit a new sensor in its place and test the car to see how it performs after the repair.

Important Note: You should allow the engine to cool down before taking off the sensor.

In some cases, you might have to drain out the old oil and install a new oil pump as well. In scenarios where additional repair is needed, you might not want to do the job on your own, especially if your mechanical skills are not up to the mark.

So, How To Save Money?

With a little degree of trouble, you will be able to replace the oil pressure sensor on your own, allowing you to save the labor fees entirely. If you can’t perform the work, be sure to choose a trustworthy mechanic.

Of course, check in advance what the car mechanic will charge you for the job. After all, price transparency will save you from nasty surprises. Ideally, you should choose someone whom you will go to again, whenever the need arises for the same.

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