AC Fan Replacement Cost

The more you take care of your car, the less trouble it will give you. However, some repairs would still be needed, every now and then, to keep the car running smoothly throughout. Even with regular checking, scenarios of unexpected breakdown is not out of the question.

Just like any other car component, an AC fan can also malfunction abruptly, causing your air conditioner to not function properly. For those who don’t know, an AC fan blows air across the condenser. In the process, it eliminates heat from the AC unit. This allows the AC to provide cool air inside the car at all times.

If the AC fan fails to do its job due to any rhyme or reason, your car’s air conditioner will malfunction. You will be deprived of all the cool breeze that the AC provides. Therefore, it’s important that you work on this problem at the earliest.

How Much Does AC Fan Replacement Cost?

Cost-wise, the AC fan replacement is not a major undertaking. Yes, the fan replacement won’t cost you a bomb. At the same time, it’s not going to cost you as much as a low-cost burger meal at a nearby joint. At the end of the day, it’s a car repair. So, even a quick fix will cost you a decent chunk.

Specifically speaking, the cost of the AC fan replacement sits between $175 to $600. Out of this, the labor cost would be around $80 to $150. The rest of the money will go towards the parts. The cost of the part will obviously vary based on the car you own. In general, the AC fan costs between $75 to $400.

Auto CenterPrice
Walmart$135 - $500
Mr. Tire$235 - $575
Your Mechanic$240 - $550
Midas$250 - $600
NAPA$270 - $595

If it’s a higher-end car, the cost can go past the $400 mark too. And, there are repair shops that notoriously overcharge their customers. In scenarios like the above, you can expect a hefty invoice. Of course, you can always be extra careful and avoid any extra charges coming your way.

Not to mention that the AC fan replacement is not a lengthy process. In fact, a lot of car owners do it themselves in their spare time. Oh yeah! You can save almost all the labor costs.

How Does AC Fan Replacement Procedure Work?

First and foremost, the car technician will check the pressure on the AC system, which will tell him whether or not the cooling fan is damaged. Then, he will turn on the system to see whether the AC fan is running or not.

Of course, the technician will also check all the wiring and fuses to rule out the possibility of a loose connection causing the AC fan to not operate properly. Once it’s clear that the AC fan is at fault, he will remove it and fit a new one in its place.

How To Save Money When Replacing AC Fan?

As described earlier, the best way to save money on an AC fan repair procedure is to perform the work yourself. If it’s not within your scope to perform the job, leave it to the experts. But then, don’t settle for any repair shop that you come across the streets.

Your best bet would be to compare rates among different repair shops in your area. As expected, it could be cheaper at one place than the other. While choosing a cheap service, don’t compromise on the quality, though.

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