Control Arm Bushing Replacement Cost

Control arm bushing needs replacement over time. Depending on how damaged the bushing is, it can substantially affect the car’s performance. Seriously, you shouldn’t mess with something that has to do with the integrity of the car’s suspension. For those who don’t know, most control arms feature two bushings.

While they are built to withstand a lot of abuse, they can go bad with age. They can also bend as a result of an accident.

What Are The Symptoms of a Failing Control Arm Bushing?

There are ways to spot a failing bushing. Abnormal noise coming from the engine could be an indication of a failing control arm bushing. You will most likely hear a knocking sound from the engine.

You will also notice that your car is not obeying your commands. By this, we mean to say that your car will drift excessively to the left or right, even when you are trying to drive it straight. A damaged control arm bushing can mess up your car’s alignment as well. Consequently, the tires will start wearing off abnormally.

So, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the tires to spot abnormal wearing due to some bushing problem.

Can You Replace Control Arm Bushing On Your Own?

If you are having any thoughts of repairing/replacing the control arm bushing on your own, be prepared to ditch the wild thoughts. In all fairness, replacing the bushing is definitely not a DIY project.

This is primarily because the car needs to be suspended in the air to remove and replace the bushing. A worn-out bushing won’t affect the surrounding parts. However, a bushing damaged from an accident can affect the surrounding parts as well. As expected, you can anticipate more work and expenses in the latter scenario.

It might just be out of your hands to conduct a repair of this nature. So, it’s better to seek help from an experienced car technician.

How Much Does Control Arm Bushing Replacement Cost?

The average cost of control arm bushing replacement sits between $200 to $700. The labor cost should be around $100 to $300.

Because the cost varies from one vehicle to another, the parts will cost you somewhere between $100 to $400.
No doubt, the cost will add up if other suspension components require attention at the same time. As hinted before, multiple parts associated with the control arm bushing can malfunction at the same time.

How To Save Money On Control Arm Bushing Replacement?

A lot of motorists out there buy and provide the control arm bushing to the shop to save money. On the surface, this might seem like a great idea. But, it’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

Usually, the shop will increase the labor cost to make up for the profit margin lost on the part. So, a fatal flaw exists in this bright idea. A better way to save money is to compare prices among shops.

Based on whom you choose to work on your car, the cost can vary. Of course, a cheap service is not always the right answer to our prayers. So, don’t let the cost of service be the only deciding factor.