Sway Bar Replacement Cost

Logical thinkers may know what a sway bar does. As the name suggests, it prevents the vehicle from swaying. It wasn’t that hard to guess, right? In short, it attempts to keep the car stable at all times. Even the bumps that you experience on the road are minimized to a great extent by the sway bar.

So, a sway bar is the savior of many internal car components. Of course, there are also cars out there without the sway bar. A car can live without it. But this is only if your car was built without one. If your car was supposed to have a sway bar, you shouldn’t drive without it, especially if you do aggressive driving.

Because your car depends on it for stability, a damaged or worn-out sway bar can pose safety risks. All you need to know; don’t delay the sway bar replacement task. It won’t hurt your car directly, but you will see your car leaning more around corners. So, you will have to be extra careful while taking turns or even switching lanes.

How Much Does Sway Bar Replacement Cost?

You can expect the cost of sway bar replacement to be anywhere from $120 to $175. If we were to give you a cost split, the labor cost would be around $50 to $80.

As expected, the rest would go towards part procurement. When one goes bad, you don’t have to replace both. That said, it’s suggested that you also listen to the mechanic’s advice at the time of repair. Usually, both wear out evenly. Depending on the condition of the second one, the mechanic may suggest you to replace both at the same time.

This will save you some time and money. When the money is tight, and the other one is verified to be in good condition, you can replace only the one that has gone bad. If both are to be replaced, expect a bump in price. You might have to spend up to $350, including labor. It’s important. So, make a well-informed decision.

Generally, sway bars have a long lifespan. So, you don’t have to worry about them going bad any time soon, especially after a replacement. In fact, sway bars can even last a lifetime. Unless an external factor damages them, they perform silently throughout without any fuss.

How To Save Money On Sway Bar Replacement?

By habit, you may want to change the sway bar on your own to save costs. No doubt, it’s a good idea because it’s probably easier than other car jobs. In all fairness, most of the mechanically inclined folks will be able to do it on their own. Others can save money by choosing an economical auto repair company.

Take a hard look at the many service centers near you. Obtain prices from them so that you can handpick one of them after a price comparison. Of course, don’t choose a repair center just because of the low cost when you suspect glaringly obvious issues. As hinted earlier, it’s a simple replacement job.

Don’t complicate it by choosing a non-reliable mechanic for the job.