Headlight Bulb Replacement Cost

The headlight bulb is the main source of road light for a vehicle. Without a functional headlight bulb, a car accident is not out of the question. After all, lackluster visibility can affect the driver’s performance in the dark.

No doubt, the headlight bulb serves its use during extreme weather conditions too, such as heavy rain, snow, etc. If you care about your car and your own well-being, you owe it to yourself to replace the headlight bulb upon damage.
Keep in mind that you don’t have to replace the whole headlight. In most cases, just replacing the bulb will take care of the headset issue, which is, of course, a cost-effective solution too.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Faulty Headlight Bulb?

Generally speaking, a headlight bulb needs replacement in the following scenarios:

  • If you notice that the lights have turned dimmer and it’s affecting your visibility in the dark.
  • If one headlight bulb is dimmer than the other one. Again, this can make night-time driving an unsafe affair.
  • If the headlight bulb is flickering. Sometimes, a dying battery can cause a bulb to flicker. So, it’s not always the bulb’s fault.

Your headlights are essential for your safety. So, make it a point to replace them as soon as you figure out that they are not working as usual. Failure to do so can also attract a fine. As you might know, it’s against the law to drive a vehicle without a fully functional headlight.

How Much Does Headlight Bulb Replacement Cost?

Headlight replacement is usually a cheap affair. It’s going to cost you less than a hundred bucks. The bulb will cost you $20 to $30. On the other hand, the labor should be around $50 to $60. So, it’s not a lot.

Frankly speaking, the cost difference won’t be drastic even if you own a high-end car, unless there is a bigger underlying problem to address.

The Detailed Procedure Of a Headlight Bulb Replacement

Unless there is a larger electrical problem, it will be an easy fix. To begin with, a mechanic will switch on the light to inspect the bulb. He will check whether or not there is an issue with the fuses. Then, the faulty bulb will be removed. The socket will be checked, and the new bulb will be fitted in place of the old bulb. Finally, the light will be turned on to see how the operation has turned out.

Keep in mind that there will be a need to remove the front bumper to access the headlight bulb in some vehicles, which will increase the labor time. It could also be that the headset circuit has failed.

So instead of replacing the bulb, you will have to fix the underlying problem. There could be a need to look at the wirings, bulb sockets, terminal connections, and other system accessories.

How to Save Money When Replacing Headlight Bulb?

To save money, you can perform the headlight bulb replacement job yourself. As described earlier, it’s not a labor-intensive task. It’s usually one of the simplest car restorations that you can carry out without any fuss. If you still choose to hire a mechanic, compare prices from different shops to handpick someone with reasonable rates.