Car Window Replacement Cost

Car windows do more than providing you an outside view. Their primary job is to keep the car occupants safe and sound. Basically, they are an integral part of the car’s safety system.

The general suggestion is to replace or repair the car windows as soon as it compromises the occupant’s safety or distorts the view in any imaginable way.

For those who don’t know, minor chips and cracks on the glass can be repaired. But then, major damages will call for a replacement. Whether or not your car window can be repaired, will depend upon the size, depth, type, and severity of the harm.

How Does It Cost To Replace A Car Window?

If it’s determined that you have to replace your car windows, do you know how much it will cost you? Well, it would cost $200 to $500, depending on the place you take it to, and the type of glass you choose. Of course, the windshield will usually cost more than the front, side, or rear window glass. That said, you can always get cheaper replacements.

Auto CenterPrice
Glass Doctor
$200 – $450
$240 – $490
Safelite Group, AutoGlass
$210 – $500

But then, they won’t be as thick as the original window glass. So, the cost of the raw material would depend on the quality of the glass you choose.

As far as the labor cost goes, it will vary based on the rate of an independent auto repair shop charge. Also, if you have power windows, the labor time will increase, causing an increase in the labor fees too.

Can I Replace My Own Car Window?

Of course, you can replace the car window by yourself. But then, it’s not an easy job. Some degree of competence would be needed over here. After all, the incorrect fixing can compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle, making it unsafe for driving.

how much does it cost to replace a car window

So, it’s better to get the job done by a car expert, if you have relatively low or no experience with auto body parts. What’s also worth discussing is that by the time you get the replacement windows and the necessary tools needed to conduct the work, you won’t see a huge cost difference between having it done personally or professionally.

Not to mention that your insurance might cover the expense.

Basically, it would be hard to justify a DIY undertaking, when it comes to a car window replacement. So, don’t put your mechanical skills to the test. It simply won’t be worth it.

Car Window Replacement Procedure:

If you would like to conduct the procedure yourself, you need to carry out the steps given below:

  • To begin with, clean the car. This will help you get rid of the glass particles that may be left on the inside. Of course, wear a safety glove to avoid being hurt.
  • Look for replacement parts, which are easy to find in today’s age and time. If money is tight, hunt for the replacement glass in places where car parts are commonly sold at steep discounts.
  • Once the replacement window arrives, grab the owner manual to find out how you can remove the inner door panel because the owner manual will make the steps clearer to you.
  • Cars have gotten quite complicated over the years. The inner door panel of your car can have a more complicated design than other cars. So, sticking to the instructions given on the owner manual would be a good idea over here.
  • Depending on how your car’s door is designed, locate the mounting bolts of the window. Then, get a companion to hold the window while you remove the mounting bolts.
  • You can also hold the window yourself with one hand as you loosen the bolts, but that would increase the risk of the window falling on the ground and shattering into pieces.
  • If you have electric windows in your vehicle, make sure to disconnect the motor. Ensure that the motor stays connected to the track on the window before disconnection.
  • Insert the new window from where the old window was removed. The new window will come with a plastic guide, which will help you place the new window in the correct position.
  • For electric windows, you will have to reconnect the electrical connector that was previously disconnected. Of course, put back the door panel to where it belongs.
  • Once the job is done, test the results. If everything is done well, the windows will move smoothly without any resistance or stiffness. Of course, don’t expect a noble prize for this job. But you can take the liberty to beam with pride.

How Do You Save Money on Car Window Replacement Cost?

If you are not doing the procedure yourself, the only way to save money on car window replacement is to get quotes from numerous auto repair centers to compare prices, in order to shortlist a provider that offers the best service at a low price.

what is the average price of car windows replacement

Another sure-fire way to save money would be to get the tiny crack or break repaired at the earliest because they can cause further damage if ignored. Basically, a cracked window can get worse if it’s not repaired in time, leading to a greater expense on your wallet.

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