Drive Belt Replacement Cost

Your engine has a lot of parts attached to it, such as the valves, pistons, steering pump, air conditioner compressor, and so on. Made from sturdy rubber, a drive belt transfers power from the engine’s crankshaft to all these components. Depending on the car you own, it may house one or two drive belts.

Of course, a drive belt won’t last several lifetimes. But then, drive belts on most cars can easily last for 50,000 to 70,000 miles. In fact, they can even last for 100,000 miles on well-driven cars. Plus, you can get them replaced without spending a worrisome amount of money.

To know more about the costs involved in a drive belt replacement, keep reading.

How Much Will I Pay For A Drive Belt Replacement?

Once the drive belt starts to wear out or break, be prepared to spend anywhere from $100 to $225 for a replacement job. The part will cost you around $40 to $100, and the rest will go towards the labor fee, taxes, etc. Of course, a DIY guy will be able to save the entire labor cost.

Auto CenterPrice
Your Mechanic
$105 - $195
Mr. Tire

However, not many of us are capable enough for a DIY mission. Furthermore, it’s not advisable to attempt a job of this nature with lackluster mechanical skills. Obviously, you don’t have to be a pro. However, your profile should at least be that of a weekend warrior who likes to attend to his automobiles during his spare time.

Important Pointer: If you need both the drive belts replaced at the same time, then expect to pay for both of them at once. That said, drive belts replacement doesn’t take too long. It’s usually done in an hour or two.

When Should you Replace the Drive Belts?

If a drive belt wears out, your vehicle can suffer in many ways. For instance, you will witness a considerable loss of power in the power steering, air conditioner, water pump, and other vital parts. The longer you drive with a damaged belt, the more damage you will cause to your vehicle.

So, look for signs of damage so that you can replace the drive belts as soon as you notice the problem. You will usually hear odd-noises coming from the engine when the drive belt breaks or gets loose. Other symptoms include overheating of the engine and the air conditioner not operating as efficiently as usual.

Drive Belt Replacement Procedure:

Replacing the drive belt is a fairly straightforward process in most cars out there. The car technician will identify the belt that needs to be replaced, loosen it up, and get rid of it. Then, the person will fit the new belt in place of the old one, tighten the tensioners, and test the car to make sure that everything is running smoothly after the installation.

Important Information: Keep in mind that if you have driven your car with a damaged drive belt for too long, there’s a likelihood that it may have damaged other car parts too. So, the car technician will do a bit of inspection to determine whether or not only the belts need replacement. If necessary, the mechanic will tell you about the other parts that need to be replaced along with the drive belt.

How to Save Money on Drive Belt Replacement Cost?

As hinted earlier, it’s a small and simple job. So, you can do it yourself and erase the labor fee from your life. If you are not 100% confident of your abilities, you can still attempt the job and have a car technician look over it for you, once you are done installing the drive belt.

Of course, he will charge you a bit for the inspection. But then, the price will be relatively less than what he would normally charge for a drive belt replacement.


Drive belts are a forgotten item. Yes, most car owners won’t inspect or replace them on a timely basis, which affects the car’s overall operational efficiency. If left unchecked for long, they can also cause safety issues.

The fact that you are reading this tells us that you really care about your vehicle. So, make it a point to give drive belts the due attention that they truly deserve.

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