Transmission Rebuild Costs

The Average Price Of Transmission Rebuild

Truthfully speaking, the transmission rebuild costs can be maddening. Depending on the make and model of your car, it can cost you anywhere between $1500 to $3500. The vast price gap is due to the fact that a car transmission may have certain parts that could be too hard to replace.

Of course, the extent of damage caused to the transmission also plays a great role over here. As expected, repairing a serious transmission issue is bound to cost more than a minor repair. That said, there’s a lot more to this equation than what you read or see on the surface.

So, let’s dig deeper to know more about the cost involved in transmission rebuilding. We will also provide you with some pro tips on how to save some money on transmission repair costs so that you don’t feel like you can’t do much other than dropping a lot of cash for repair work.

Auto CenterPrice
Mr. Tire
$1650 – $2900
Pep Boys
$1800 – $3300
$1750 – $3500
Your Mechanic
$1580 – $3150

Transmission Rebuild Costs Explained:

The quote you receive from an auto repair shop will cover the labor involved to do the job and the cost of the part itself. Keep in mind that the labor involved over here would be pretty much back-breaking. So, don’t expect the labor cost to be pretty low.

A complete transmission rebuild will easily take 10-12 hours without any bear drinking breaks in between. Yes, we are talking about 10-12 hours of continuous work, which should explain why the cost of the transmission rebuild is so high.

Given the time involved, the auto repair shop will have to dedicate a technician to fix your car.

Only then, the shop will be able to return your car in 2-3 days. As far as the cost for the parts goes, it depends on the number of pieces that need to be replaced. One thing is for sure; a transmission rebuild cannot be conducted at a shoestring budget.

the average cost of the car transmission rebuild

Having said that, let’s look at the major factors that affect the transmission rebuild cost.

  • The scale/extent of the damage
  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • Year/age of the vehicle
  • The shop you choose for repair
  • Manual vs. automatic transmission

Important Pointer: If a repair shop provides an extremely low quote for a job of this nature, it’s highly possible that the shop may not be using the best replacement parts. The chances are that they may not even have the best skills for the job. The low price will hardly cover the cost of labor, parts, taxes, and other overheads involved in the process.

So, don’t fall for extremely tempting offers. Be practical and understand that a complete transmission rebuild cost will run into thousands of dollars. A complex job of this nature cannot be performed for hundreds of dollars.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that your car transmission can be fixed with a minor repair. In that case, you can get away by spending only a few hundred dollars.

What are the Causes of Transmission Failure?

The transmission is a part of a vehicle that goes through maximum stress when driving. To put it in simple words, the transmission parts are subjected to maximum wear and tear whenever you are driving.

The usual causes of transmission failure are given below:

  1. Low Fluid Level: Like other engine parts, your car’s transmission needs fluid to stay cool and properly lubricated. If the transmission parts do not receive enough transmission fluid, the parts will turn bad sooner or later. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that the transmission fluid doesn’t run low. If you notice a transmission fluid leak, you should fix it as soon as possible.
  2. Clogged Filter: It’s equally important to keep the transmission fluid free of dirt and debris. The use of inferior quality transmission fluid can cause engine troubles. If dirt and debris are allowed to make their way to the fluid filter, it can get clogged up. As a result, it can prevent the smooth transmission of the fluid to vital engine parts. If not caught soon, this can lead to an expensive problem down the road.

What Are The Symptoms of Transmission Failure?

If you want to be easy on your wallet, it’s imperative that you pay heed to these signs of transmission failure. After all, catching the problem early can save you a small fortune. The signs of transmission failure are as follows:

  • You are facing issues shifting gears. Of course, folks driving manual cars will be able to detect this issue sooner than guys driving automatic cars.
  • You are hearing strange noises. This usually happens due to low levels of transmission fluid, which causes the metal parts to grind against each other.
  • You are exposed to a distinct burning smell. Again, this usually happens due to the lack of transmission fluid, which causes certain parts to overheat.

Keep in mind that driving with a bad transmission can put your engine at great risk. It will truly be a recipe for disaster. In other words, ignorance can cost you a fortune. In fact, it can cost you more than a complete transmission rebuild.

Transmission Rebuild Procedure Explained:

Rebuilding a transmission should always be on the priority list of a car owner because major damage can render the car literally useless. Yes, you won’t be able to drive the vehicle. What’s also worth pointing out over here is that the transmission system consists of hundreds of different parts and components.

Believe it or not, the transmission has around 800 different connecting parts to it, which need to function properly at all times for your vehicle to run smoothly. So, it’s not an average Joe’s job to fix the problem. Usually, the transmission needs attention due to the lack of transmission fluid, which causes all the parts to grind against each other.

These parts wear off due to the constant grinding. So, the mechanic will have to take apart the entire transmission system to replace the parts that have worn down or have gone missing. For those who don’t know, large automobile tools are required for assembling and disassembling the required parts.

Therefore, it’s important that you take your car to a skilled mechanic whom you can fully trust. After all, every little part needs careful inspection during a transmission rebuild.

How to Choose the Right Auto Repair Shop for the Job?

As hinted earlier, a job of this nature requires a great deal of expertise. In other words, the chosen mechanic needs to have adequate knowledge/expertise to get the job done without ruining your car in the process.

Before you start calling the mechanics in your car, be ready with the following information:

  • Make/model and year of the vehicle
  • Make/model of the transmission system
  • Explanation of the problem
  • How long have you been facing the issue

Once you have the above information handy with you, reach out to numerous reputable repair shops in your area. Of course, don’t forget to get in touch with your friends and family members for referrals. Depending on the scale of the damage, the bids you receive will vary a lot.

what is the price of the car transmission rebuild

Make sure that you get a breakdown of the cost so that you know exactly what you are paying for. Of course, if the mechanic is not able to explain the price, be prepared to move on to another service provider.

Not to mention don’t get the repair job done from a shop that resembles a junkyard. The likelihood is high that they won’t treat your car well.

How to Save Money on Transmission Rebuild Costs?

To begin with, check whether or not your car is under warranty. If it’s under warranty, the chances are that the damage will be covered, which means that you won’t have to spend any money.

Of course, this is assuming that your car validates all the terms and conditions of the warranty.

If your car warranty has expired, then you will have to resort to a DIY approach to save money. This is to say that you won’t have to pay anyone for the job. Obviously, this type of job cannot be performed by an average car owner. So, attempt this job only if you know what you are doing.

That said, some DIY kits are available in the market that is equipped with manuals that walk you through the transmission rebuilding process.

The used transmission parts price

Another handy way to save money is by buying used parts as opposed to new parts. Used transmission parts will cost around $600 to $1400, and the fitting charge will be about $600 to $900. While this is certainly not too cheap, the cost is far less than what goes into fitting a new part.

That said, new car parts are bound to last longer than older parts.

Of course, if you keep your transmission in good shape by paying attention to strange noises and smells, you can avoid a costly rebuild for a long time. So, pay attention to the transmission’s health. If the part never breaks down, you won’t have to worry about rebuilding it.

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