Windshield Wiper Motor Replacement Cost

When you need to get rid of water, dirt, or debris from the windshield, the wiper comes to the rescue. As you might know, it does not waste a minute to clean the windshield. But then, it can also give up on us. Much like any other part of your car, the windshield wiper motor can wear out with age or use.

From non-bearing heat to moisture, a lot of factors can affect the life of the motor. However, it’s not a recurring expense. Generally speaking, a typical wiper motor can last a lifetime. Only if you notice a problem with the wiper, you can seek help from a professional to get the motor checked.

As such, a non-functional wiper will move statically or not move at all. In some cases, the wiper will move at a snail’s pace. Frustrated by the slow speed, you might even consider removing the dirt and debris from the windshield with your own hands.

How Much Does Windshield Wiper Motor Replacement Cost?

The pricing rationale is always debatable because no two shops usually charge the same for repairs. That said, the usual cost for a work of this nature sits between $200 to $425.

Sadly, the part itself costs quite a bit ($175 to $295). The labor cost is not terribly high, though. You can expect the labor fees to be around $50 to $95.

Auto CenterPrice
Walmart$65 - $200
Midas$150 - $400
Mr. Tire$165 - $425
Your Mechanic$170 - $420

There are times when the issue can be fixed for as little as a few dollars because factors other than the motor can cause the wiper to not function properly. For instance, a wiper can stop working due to a blown fuse, which can be easily replaced by spending only a few dollars.

Is it Safe to Drive With a Non-Operational Wiper?

It’s safe when the climate is in your favor. If the weather conditions get worse, you might miss the wiper badly. For safe driving in a bad climate, a wiper is a must. Therefore, one must put off the idea of not fixing the wiper. Your vehicle will be much safer with a fully functional wiper.

Money-Saving Tips For Windshield Wiper Motor Replacement

You can easily find wiper motors in the market at a fair price, allowing you to save money on the part. You can replace the windshield wiper motor on your own because it doesn’t take a lot of work or expertise. A few relevant YouTube videos should be good enough to keep you going, even if you know a little bit about fixing cars.

In almost most scenarios, it doesn’t take more than an hour or two to replace a windshield wiper motor. Of course, you should always ensure to get the exact wiper motor, depending on the vehicle you own. For those who don’t know, the wiper motor comes in different volts.

So, choosing the right part is important for a successful repair procedure. In case you choose to leave this job to the experts, make sure to compare prices from different auto repair companies in your area. Since they all charge different rates, you will be able to save a bit by comparing the prices.

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