Motor Mount Replacement Costs

A motor mount is a vital component of a car that connects the engine to the chassis. Doing so, it supports the weight of the engine and limits its movement when driving. A typical car may need three or four motor mounts to support the engine.

To cut a long story short; engine mounts decrease engine vibrations felt inside a vehicle, which should tell you how important they are. Just like any other car component, they are subjected to wear and tear.

What Are the Signs of a Failing Motor Mount?

Generally speaking, motor mounts last for 5-7 years. So, they do have a reasonably long lifespan. But then, it’s advisable to get them checked more often than what we normally do because they are usually overlooked during a routine car inspection.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the signs of a damaged motor mount.

  • Noise: When the motor mounts wear off, your car engine will get noisy. You will hear a lot of sounds coming from the engine bay, which occurs because the engine is no longer secure like before. In the absence of a good motor mount, it shifts from one side to the other.
  • Vibration: Experienced drivers may already know that higher than usual vibration in a car is a sign of a failing motor mount. When the motor mount wears off, it loses its ability to prevent vibrations. As a result, your car will shake/vibrate when driving.
  • Engine Movement: Keeping the car engine in place is the primary job of a motor mount. When it fails to do its job, the engine will move from its place in all possible directions. You will actually hear the movements when you push the pedals to accelerate the vehicle.

How Do Engine Mounts Get Damaged?

Regular wear and tear aside, there are many other reasons for a motor mount to go bad. To begin with, an improper installation carried out by a former mechanic can lead to its failure. This usually happens when the car is serviced at a less reputable auto repair shop as opposed to a reputable auto repair center.

how much does it cost to replace a car motor mount

Sometimes, engine mounts come with manufacturing defects. They get recalled later. The recall information may not always reach the buyer’s ears. A person’s driving habits also dictate how long the engine mount will last.

Needless to say, regular reckless driving can dramatically reduce the working life of an engine mount. Other reasons for bad engine mounts include oil leaks and accidents.

What Is The Average Price Of Motor Mount Replacement?

The motor replacement cost varies from $200 to $600 for both the parts and labor combined. You can easily buy the parts online for $50 to $150, depending on the car’s model. The rest of the amount would go towards the labor cost, which is to say that the labor cost outweighs the cost of the parts themselves.

Auto CenterPrice
Pep Boys
$230 – $550
$275 – $600
$260 – $580
Your Mechanic
Walmart$50 – $150

This is primarily because of how complex the work is. Keep in mind that the longer you wait to fix this issue, the more it will cost you because a faulty motor mount can damage other car parts.

Can You Replace the Motor Mount by Yourself?

Years ago, replacing the motor mount was an easy job. However, things have changed drastically over the years. It has become increasingly difficult to access the motor mount in the newer cars.

The fact that the labor cost is quite high for a repair work of this nature should also tell you that replacing a motor mount isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

Not to discount the fact that you would need special tools to lift the engine for proper inspection, and, of course, to change the mount.

Should You Repair or Replace the Motor Mount?

Since it’s a safety issue, it’s better not to cut corners, which is to say that you shouldn’t look to repair the motor mount when a mechanic has suggested a replacement. After all, an engine mount keeps the motor in place.

Once broken, it can cause severe vibrations and jerks, which could result in an accident. If left untreated for long, it may cause more damage to the engine and other parts.

Do Bad Motor Mounts Need Immediate Replacement?

Truth to be told, it depends on how the engine mounts are designed in your car, which will determine how dangerous it is to drive with a faulty motor mount. If the money is tight, you can wait for a few days or a few weeks. But then, waiting for many months might be pushing it.

the average price of a car motor mount replacement

After all, it’s a potentially dangerous idea to drive with a damaged motor mount. You never know, your vehicle may go out of control in the middle of a regular driving trip.

Steps to Replace Motor Mounts:

  • The mechanic will jack up the engine to make it easy to remove the mounts safely.
  • He will loosen up the mount bolts and then go beneath the car to free up the mount to frame bolts.
  • Once the frame bolts are loosened up, he will lift the engine a tad bit higher, which will make it easy to remove the motor mount.
  • Then, he will fit the new motor mount, of course, after checking whether or not the specs of the old and new motor mount match.
  • Before lowering the engine, the mount to the bolts will be threaded to make alignment easier.
  • Finally, the engine will be lowered back to its original position, and the bolts will be fastened to finish the work.
    Of course, the mechanic will start the engine to see if the engine is still making strange sounds or not.

How to Save Money on Motor Mount Replacement Cost?

The first thing that a smart vehicle owner should do is to fix the error as soon as it comes to his notice to prevent the motor mount damage to inflict other parts. Basically, getting the car fixed sooner will save you money on additional expenses that can occur due to negligence.

Also, you can save money by supplying the necessary parts to the car mechanic yourself.

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