AC Recharge Cost

What Is The Average Price Of The Auto AC Recharge?

If you are blasting the AC on a hot day and you don’t feel the cold, it may be time for an AC recharge. Depending on the car, an AC recharge job can cost anywhere between $200 to $400. Of course, it would cost less if you do the repair work yourself. But then, you can absolutely cause damage to yourself and the air conditioning unit.

Believe it or not, spills can cause chemical burns. Since there is no room for workmanship error, you really have to know what you are doing, or else you will be contributing to the problem. Not to discount the fact that all not AC issues can be fixed by adding more refrigerant.

Auto CenterPrice
Your Mechanic
Mr Tire$250-$400

What are the advantages of an AC recharge?

As expected, an optimum gas level will keep your AC system running in top condition at all times. Consequently, the compressor will last long, allowing the ac system to keep blowing cool air.

Therefore, you won’t find yourself sweating in a hot car in the middle of an ordinary sunny day. The surrounding parts will also remain in top shape, enabling you to avoid unexpected breakdowns and the resulting expensive repairs.

Not to discount the fact that it can be a potentially dangerous affair to drive a car with a broken AC system.

How often should you recharge your AC system?

There’s no rigid rule here—you can recharge your AC system every year, or even every three years. The key is to recharge the refrigerant when your AC system doesn’t run as cool as it once did, but before it stops performing completely.

What’s also worth pointing out over here is that you shouldn’t attempt to add more refrigerant to a properly charged AC system because miscalculations can do a lot of harm. The specific amount of refrigerant needed for a car is mentioned on a decal under the hood.

Keep in mind that a refrigerant’s true quality doesn’t lie in producing cool air. It’s just a medium to pass cold air. So, don’t put a random amount of refrigerant in the AC system and unknowingly invite additional issues.

Can you add refrigerant to a leaking AC system?

If your AC system is low on gas because of a leak, you need to fix the problem area first before adding refrigerant. Adding refrigerant to a leaking system is a sheer waste of money. Even a pencil point leak can empty the freshly added refrigerant in less than thirty minutes. Not to mention that it’s an environmentally irresponsible behavior too.

After all, you don’t really want the dangerous refrigerant leaking into the atmosphere. Of course, you won’t be saving the world from global warming by being mindful of your actions. But then, every bit will help. As a responsible person, we have to do our part, isn’t it? So, refrain from adding refrigerant to a leaking AC system.

How is an AC recharge done?

A car technician would inspect the entire system to fix damage before recharging it. If no leak is detected, he will evacuate the system and recharge it to a proper level. If a leak is detected, any worn out or damaged seals will also be replaced in the process.

Usually, leaks are a result of faulty seals. Once the technician seals the AC system, he will check its effectiveness.

Bear in mind that some older vehicles (pre-1995) cannot have their AC system recharged because they make use of an R12 refrigerator, which is not available in the market these days. So, the only feasible option left for these oldies is the replacement of the AC system.

How to save money on an air conditioner recharge?

Although you can attempt a repair yourself, it’s best to let a licensed professional deal with a dangerous substance. Because refrigerant is a toxic material, a license is often required to handle the repair job. Not to undermine the fact that car owners usually lack the professional and practical knowledge to do it perfectly.

So, don’t try to cut costs by taking matters in your own hands. That said, you can always save money by comparing rates between different service centers. A job of this nature can be handled by a lot of service centers, enabling you to try cheaper locations to save some quick bucks.

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