Speed Sensor Replacement Cost

The speed sensor is a device used to read a car’s wheel rotation. It prevents a person from applying too much pressure when using the brakes, ultimately saving the axle and other parts from getting damaged.

You can say that it’s an important sensor in all modern vehicles. Unfortunately, the speed sensor is not one of those car components that can last a long time with little care. Ideally, you should check it often to prevent a major issue.

How Much Does Speed Sensor Replacement Cost?

Our answer may feel a little scripted because we can’t tell you exactly how much you will have to fork out for Speed Sensor replacement. As expected, there will be a cost difference depending on the make and model of your car.

The labor cost will also vary based on the mechanic you choose to do the job. Nevertheless, we will give a general idea. On average, you will end up paying $300 to $400 for a part replacement job of this sort.

The cost of the part sucks (between $225 to $275). The labor fees won’t be much, though, because there’s no intense work involved. Just to give you an idea, the labor fees would sit between $75 to $100.

When Should You Get the Speed Sensor Replaced?

Even though you may not feel motivated to replace the damaged speed sensor, it’s important that you don’t ignore the issue for too long. The longer you take to fix the issue, the higher will be the repair cost.

Without the Speed Sensor functioning, as it’s supposed to, the car components next to it will undergo a lot of stress, causing them to fail at some point. Seriously, it may turn out to be a major safety hazard.

Ideally, you should look for signs of trouble, such as trouble in applying brakes, tire slipping, and abnormal sound coming from the brake. Upon such signs, get the car inspected by the mechanic to determine what the problem is in certain.

The Detailed Procedure Of a Speed Sensor Replacement

This is the kind of job experienced technicians can do while being half awake. It’s as simple as removing the old speed sensor and replacing it with the new one. As usual, some unscrewing and dismantling work would be required.
The entire replacement process will take about an hour and a half.

Needless to say, amateurs might need some more time to fix the issue as they may not have the required skills and experience to do a quick job.

So, How To Save Money When Replacing Speed Sensor?

One obvious way to save money is to perform the work on your own. A DIY procedure will ensure that all the labor fees remain in your pocket. No doubt, you won’t save a ton on labor fees because it’s the part that is more expensive.

You can try to source the part yourself to see if there can be any additional savings. If a DIY procedure is out of the question, compare prices from different mechanics to procure the best deal.