How Much Does Tire Installation Cost At Walmart?

One thing about Walmart is that they are a one-stop shop. From clothing, groceries, electronics, and more, they are big on almost everything. The best part is that most of their products and services are way cheaper than the competition.

Seriously, they can offer a cheaper version of almost anything you need. But can you trust them to work on your car? Do they even offer cost-cutting tire installation services these days? Without any further ado, let’s find out.

How Much Will a Walmart Tire Installation Cost You?

  • Basic Installation Package: This costs approximately $17 per tire if the tires are purchased at Walmart, totaling $68 for four tires. The package includes tire mounting, valve stems/TPMS service pack, and lifetime balance and rotation every 7,500 miles​.
  • Installation for Non-Walmart Tires: If tires are bought elsewhere, the basic installation service is available for an additional $10 per tire, totaling $108 for four tires​.
  • Value Tire Installation Package: Exclusively for tires purchased at Walmart, this package costs about $25 per tire. It includes all services in the Basic package plus a Road Hazard Protection Warranty, which covers free flat tire repairs and other tire thread issues for tires with 75% or more tread left.
  • Cost Variation: The simple one-time tire installation service is around $11 per tire, but this can vary depending on the type of car and tire chosen.

Walmart has literally raised the bar by offering these add-on services on their full tire installation package. If you decide to go for an individual package and not the full tire installation service for $25, here’s what you can expect to pay:

  • Lifetime balance and tire rotation for $14 per tire.
  • Valve stem installation and TPMS servicing for $3 per tire.
  • Flat tire repairing for $15 per tire.
  • Tire mounting service for $15 per tire.
  • Tire rotation for $2.50 per tire.
  • Lug nut replacement for $2 per lug nut.

Does Walmart Offer Any Tire Installation Discounts?

Every now and then, Walmart offers great deals on tire installation services, which will allow you to enjoy discounted prices. They also offer several bundle options to help you cut costs on varied auto repair services.

Tire Installation at Walmart – Is It Worth It?

To begin with, Walmart doesn’t manufacture tires. However, the giant superstore has tie-ups with many name brands, enabling the company to offer new tires at competitive prices. From high-end to budget tires, you will find a large variety of tires at their stores.

They have a solid professional relationship with at least 30 different recognized tire brands out there. If you are shopping online, you can apply a lot of filters to shortlist the perfect tire from the comprehensive choices they have.
Of course, the price would vary according to the purpose, size, and performance ratings of the tire. That said, you can get the cheaper ones for as low as $50. The mid-priced and high-end tires have received the best ratings, though.

At the time of order, you can select additional information about pick-up timings, installation availability, and so on. Keep in mind that they also provide a very handy tool to help you select the very best tire for your car. Once you input some basic details about your car, the tool will come up with the best tire types for your car. Just so that you know, you will find the ‘Tire Finder’ tool on their official website (at the top of the page).

Important Note: Suppose you plan to purchase a new tire and get it delivered to the nearest auto repair center for installation. In that case, you will have to call the auto center separately to schedule a time to arrive there with your vehicle.

How Long Does the Tire Installation Take?

Frankly speaking, it’s a fairly quick process. Normally, it takes no more than 40-45 minutes to finish a job of this nature. Of course, a novice technician can take a bit more time. After all, a lot of bolts and nuts need to be removed and re-fixed during the repair process.

Not to mention that the process also involves a test drive to ensure that your vehicle is performing as expected after the tire change. Give and take, it won’t take hours and hours. So, don’t ask the car care worker to rush through the process.

Walmart’s Warranty and Return Policy

According to their official website, tires that were never driven or installed can be returned to any Walmart store with a tire center. Of course, they won’t accept used tires. In case you don’t know, they provide a road hazard warranty for $10 per tire. Under the road hazard warranty agreement, you are covered for unforeseen road hazards. Flat tire repairs will also be done.

Plus, you will get free replacement of tires that cannot be repaired within the first 25% of the tire’s tread life.

Walmart Tire Purchase/Installation Tips

  • If you are shopping online, always look for special offers and promotional deals. You never know, you might get a chance to enjoy Walmart tire coupons, clearance prices, bundle deals, and so on.
  • If you are looking to get new tires from Walmart, purchase them during months when there is a significant weather change. You will get the best deals and prices during these particular months.
  • As described earlier, consider getting the tire shipped directly to one of the Walmart stores. They will ship the new tire for free to any Walmart store.
  • Of course, be proactive about repairing your tires. Yes, don’t wait till the last minute. Problems may worsen by the time you attend to the tire issue, causing you to spend more than usual.
  • Also, consider getting the wheels aligned after a tire change to get the very best out of the new tire. Properly lined-up wheels will definitely offer a smoother driving experience. Here you can check how much does a wheel alignment cost at Walmart?

Absolutely nothing can last for decades after decades. At some point, even your tires will be picked up by the trashman. Yes, they are bound to become obsolete with age. To avoid premature degradation of the tires, it’s important that you don’t take periodic maintenance for granted.