Michelin Pilot Sport Tire Coupon & Review

Michelin Pilot Sport Tires have raised the bar in the ultra high performance tire category for those with luxury sedans or sport coupes. These tires come in W,Y and Z speed ratings and feature the latest advanced technology in the tread compound.

Unique swept back lateral grooves give this tire the ability to evacuate water from under the tire on wet roads, while the tires advanced tread compound provide for race car like handling.

Price Range

Michelin Pilot Sport tires range in prices from around $190 for a 17″ series to over $400 for a 19″ series. If we have a valid coupon for this tire, it will be shown below the text. You can find other Michelin tire coupons here

Who Is The Michelin Pilot Sport Tire Designed For?

Michelin has developed the ultra high performance Pilot Sport for drivers of high end sports cars and sedans who are looking for race car handling on dry pavement, as well as excellent capabilities on wet roads.

Michelin Pilot Sport Tire Sizes

Michelin Pilot Sport Tire Review
Michelin Pilot Sport Tire




  • Superb handling and performance
  • Road noise is better than other models in its class
  • Very good wet and dry pavement traction


  • Tread life is not as good as some would like, but this is to be expected with a high performance tire and it’s softer and more sticky tread


Michelin backs the Pilot Sport tire with a 1-year / first 2/32″ wear uniformity warranty, as well as a 6-year materials and workmanship guarantee. First year is free replacement or 25% of wear, followed by a prorated guarantee for the remaining time.

Michelin Pilot Sport Tire Coupon