Costco Tires Coupons Prices and Working Hours

When we think of purchasing new tires, we probably think of Costco. Seriously, Costco is the go-to name for the vast majority of the tire shoppers out there. Their tire prices are low not because of poor manufacturing quality but because of how they are able to edge out the competition.

The great news is that this warehouse giant provides tires from most of the well-known tire brands in existence today. The best part is that you will find Costco stores in 700+ locations across the United States. But then, Costco will not provide tire services to non-members.

Yes, you will need a Costco membership to enjoy all the perks that the company has to offer. From warranties to upkeep and more, the membership comes with many benefits that make it totally worth the money you spend on it. Of course, there’s no lack of management issue too. So, Costco is definitely a great choice for one’s tire needs.

Costco Tires Services: Installation, Repair, Rotation and Wheel alignment

As hinted earlier, purchasing a Costco tire comes with several key benefits, which help extend the life of the tire you are buying from them. The Costco tire service in discussion includes tire installation, tire rotation, tire alignment, and even Costco tire repairs.

Upon knowing the above, you must have received answers to these commonly asked questions;

Does Costco do wheel alignment? or Does Costco do alignments?

As far as the Costco tire installation cost goes, it will cost you only $15 per tire, which is around the cheaper side of things. For the tire rotation costs and other tire alignment services, you can call the store directly to get a better idea of the pricing. With respect to repairs, the expense would depend on the extent of work needed to fix the issue at hand.

Costco Tires Prices

Costco tire prices are the lowest around. Depending on the tire you choose, their tires prices can be a bit higher occasionally compared to purchasing a tire directly from the manufacturer. However, after you factor in the installation and other tire-related expenses, you will find the tire prices at Costco lower than the competition.

Now, you might be wondering, how much are 4 tires at Costco? Honestly speaking, the tire price will vary based on the brand of tire you choose. So, we can’t give you a straight answer over here. But then, you can enter your vehicle’s make, model, and year on the website to obtain pricing for new tires.

As far as how much is an alignment at Costco, is already answered above. By the way, the tire disposal fee is $1 per liter, which can differ a bit from state to state. That said, the cost is usually around the $1 per liter mark. How can we forget? You usually get good discounts for purchasing 4 tires at the same time.

How to Purchase Tires?

To order tires from them, you can visit a nearby Costco center and have the tech team place the order on your behalf. Alternatively, you can order the tire online from their official website ( Shipping is free. So, you can get the tire delivered to a Costco center near your house.

Just so that you know, the usual delivery time is around 5 to 10 business days. Once the tires are delivered to a nearby Costco location, you can fix an appointment to get the tire installed on your vehicle. Simply drive your vehicle to the center on the appointment date to get the new tire installed on your vehicle.

Save Money With Costco Tires Coupons

To get consistently good Costco tire deals, we suggest that you take advantage of whatever Costco tire coupons they offer on their official website. You will find brand-specific coupons on their website every now and then. The coupons alone will easily cover up the Costco membership fees.

Note: Costco’s annual membership fee is $60, which comes with a free Household Card. The card is valid in all of the 700+ Costco locations (worldwide). For $60, the membership is a steal by all means.

As far as discounted deals go, you will get anywhere between $50 to $80 off on tires during different times of the year. Keep in mind that each tire that you purchase from any Costco location also comes with a 5-year road hazard warranty.

If you factor this into your buying decision, you will realize that you are saving money on flat tire repairs, tire rotation costs, and even tire pressure check expenses. That said, the road-hazard warranty doesn’t cover scenarios like accidents, thefts, vandalism, and things along the same lines. This should not sway you from considering their membership. The other ‘freebie maintenance services’ that you get are totally worth the membership cost.

Costco Tires Centers Working Hours

The Costco tire centers remain open from 10.00 am to 8.30 pm (from Monday to Friday). On Saturdays, the routine working hours are from 9.00 am to 7 pm. On Sundays, they operate from 10.00 am to 6 pm. That said, the working hours can differ a bit from one Costco location to another. So, it’s a good idea to contact the center before your visit.

Location – How to Find Costco Tires Centers Near You

You can take advantage of the ‘map locator’ found on top of their website to locate ‘Costco tires near me 1k.’ The map locator will show you the nearby center in a jiffy once you enter your zip code or address.

Bonus Tip: Always fix a prior appointment, especially when you are planning to visit them on weekends. This will help you avoid a few hours of waiting time. By the way, you can easily book an appointment online or over the phone.

Final Thoughts on Costco Tires Center

If you are in need of a new tire, your first stop should be at Costco. If you throw in the installation cost along with other tire-related expenses, the membership cost will actually pay for itself in no time. This should explain why Costco tires earn our accolades on any given day.